Lord muruga will present himeslf in the form of light in the sky On 01.05.2017 Monday, between night 9PM-12AM,

கடவுள் முருகன் ஜோதி வடிவில் காட்சி

Sri Agathiar Sanmarga sangam
“Ongarakudil” Thuraiyur – 621010. Trichy Dt
Ph: 04327 255184, 255384, www.agathiar.org
Destinated to create a change in the world, kalki incarnation of Lord Muruga,
Thavathiru. Arumuga Arangamagadesika Swamigal
With the result of 41 years of penance
An occasion of heavenly and celestial rarity for the people of Tamil nadu!
In the Tamil year Hevilambi, in the month Chittirai on 18th Day

(1st May 2017) Monday, between night 9PM to 12AM,
Lord Muruga will present himself in the form of heavenly spendor-
“Jothi” (Gleam of Light) in the sky and this positive note is posed
in the holy scripture by Lord Muruga himself.

On the auspicious day 01.05.2017 , to get the Lord Muruga’s spiritual
presence and divine blessing in your home, please avoid non-vegetarian
food and follow the holy rituals and light the lamp (Saravana Jothi)
and Chant “Om Saravana Jothiye Namo Nama” for 108 times.
Conclude the prayer by chanting the below mantra for 12 times
Muruga Muruga Varuga Varuga
Kaliyuga Matram Tharuga Tharuga
(Meaning: Arises the presence of Lord Muruga,
To enable a defining change in Kaliyuga)
Celebrate the day as magnanimous one with grandeur and offer a
delicious food to everyone, all the day across the country.
The presence of Lord Muruga is here to decimate the Kaliyuga
mortals Rule and to establish his Divine rule as Savior of the world!

Reach out to Ongarakudil,
the Seventh abode of Lord Muruga!

Murugan is Arangan!
Arangan is Murugan!

Note: On the occasion of arrival of Lord Murugapperumaan
Delicious food must be offered at all places.

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