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“Jivakarunya Ozhukkam” was written by Nine Crore Gnanis jointly for the liberation of Humanity. To facilitate the people of this world to understand this whomsoever, translates this into other languages and spreads and whomsoever spreads this out will certainly become Gnanis. This is SATHYAM.





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6 T I R U M A N T H I R A M – E X P L A N A T I O N – 21














– A short Biography

A personification of this universally accepted dictum is profoundly found in the life and teachings of His Holiness Swami ARANGAMAHA DESIGA SWAMIGAL. Like the new born Sun in the morn spearheading out of the ocean, like that of a full moon coming out of dark clouds, like the sweet fragrance sprouting out of blossoming Mullai, Swami was born on13th January 1936 as the third son to Shri Balakrishnan and Srimathi. Meenakshi Ammal. Swamiji led a very simple life right from his childhood days and was not in favour of gaudy and pompous living. At the age of Thirty Five he lost his father. After the demise of his father mother Smt .Meenakshi Ammal was of great assistance to his ascetic life. Swamiji was undertaking the avocation of a weaver in a small village Manalmedu near Thirueengoimalai. Swamiji understood through the friends of Iraimaiyam that Bakthi alone cannot lead to salvation without Yoga.

In 1955 Shri Chinnasamy Sastri, an exponent of Siddha medicine and Siddha philosophy was worshipping St. Agastheesar and other saints and Swamiji was initiated by him and taught him the methodology of worshipping Saints and the hidden secrets of Idakala, Pingala and Suzhumna. The spiritual Thirst of Swamiji grew him up very fast in spiritual awareness. Swamiji was very well aware of the predicaments of working class being born as one among them.

The sufferings of poor people in hutments made him sick and was very much concernrd and worried about the hungry of such folk.He found his answer for the reality of human life in the songs of His Holiness Swami Ramalingar. His natural yearning to appease the hungry of the poor was escalated by St.Ramalingar’s mellifluous verses. Swamiji dedicated his


thoughts for the spirituality and his service for the society for the past fifty years.In the name St. Agastheesar, the Meru of Gnosis, Swamiji established a Charitable institute for the benefit of poor. Swamiji is the centre of piece and solace for all those approach Him. Omkara Kudil has been alleviating the sufferings of Thousands of devotees daily and has undertaken the noble task of poor feeding right from 1975. The Kudil has been supplying free drinking water for the past Thirty years to all the villages in and around Thuraiyur. Thousands of marriages have been arranged and ray of hope and lively hood has been extended by His Holiness. His Holy mother attained celestial abode on 18-06-1995. His Holiness always claim that whatever he does has been done only with the blessings of St.Agastheesa and he always places Blessed Souls like St.Agastheesar. St.Nandeesar, St.Tirumula Thevar and St.Karuvoorthevar as His Guide.As a descendent of St. Ramalingar, Swamiji today is the leader of the entire universe, and is the leader of nine crore Siddhas. He worships St.Agastheesa who created Tamil Language, as his preceptor. In colleges and universities Social service and philosophy are taught only in class rooms but the Omkara Kudil has taken them to the neighbourhood of Thuraiyur through their poor feeding and supply of free potable water which is more essential for day to day livelihood.

St. Agathiar Sanmarka Sangam is a symbol of universal fraternity and the relationship between the Preceptor and His disciples are exceptionally parental. The disciples go to villages and disseminate the message of Compassion, Love, Affection and Non –Killing.

Swamiji is easily accessible and is a source of solace for all the suffering living beings. Swamiji’s literary acumen is extraordinary and is evident in the introduction to present text. By His appeal to humanity Swamiji proves Himself to be a champion of all living beings.

– R.G.Rajaram



Arutprakasa Vallalar Chidambaram Ramalingam, popularly known as Vallalar was the foremost saints of the 19th century who propagated the notion of Samarasa Sudha Sanmarga Sathiya Sangam (Common, pure, good and true way of life). He came to uplift the whole humanity towards perfect Bliss without Hunger, Disease, Thirst, Desire, poverty, Fear, Death, with full self existent delight or Bliss through true knowledge, true love, true compassion accompanied by common wealth activities without disparities of dogmatic rituals pertaining to any religion, philosophy, caste, creed, color, sex or nationality. Ramalinga was born at Marudur, a small village fifteen kilometers north-west of Chidambaram, on Sunday October 5, 1823, at 5:54 PM. Ramaiah Pillai, a Saiva faith and Chinnammai were the couple who were blessed with this embodiment of God. Ramalinga was the fifth child of Ramaiah who had remained childless after losing five wives in succession and then married Chinnammai as his sixth wife. When Ramalinga was six months old, his father died, and his mother moved to her village Ponneri.

Ramalinga was exposed to a spiritual experience at Chidambaram Nataraja Temple when he was barely five months old. The parents took the baby boy to the sacred shrine of Nataraja for worshiping the deity. When the priest drew aside the veil, the child experienced the formless aspect of God.

Ascetic Life

In the first stage of his life, St.Ramlingam followed the path of devotion. In the path of devotion complete surrender to God is possible only through the shedding of ego. The early songs of St.Ramalingam show how he was troubled with this ego and how he got rid of it through the help of God.

From his twelfth year onwards St. Ramalingam worshiped


Thyagaraja, Vadivudaiamman and Muruga at Thiruvotriyur. Until his leaving Madras in his thirty fifth year, he regularly visited this temple for twenty three years. In these twenty three years of his life, he underwent many spiritual and mystical experiences.

St. Ramlinga lived for nine years (1858 – 1867) at a small village known as Karunkuli. He left the city of Madras because he thought that the city was not conducive for a spiritual life. This nine year period in Karunkuli is an important phase in HIS life. During this period he lived in isolation. He spent most of his time in meditation and in worship. This period reveals a great change in his ideas and ideals. His thoughts while in Madras were about religion whereas while he was in Karunkuli it was a stage of transition from religion to transcendentalism.

After spending nine years in solitude and meditation, he became a Sanmargi – one who realized the underlying truth of all religions. He did not stop with that. He wished to establish a new society on the basis of his realization. St. Ramalinga selected Vadaloor, a small village near Chidambaram, as the place to formulate and extend his plan for a society based on love and honesty. In 1865 he established a poor feeding center. On the inaugural day, he lit the fire on the stone stove with the declaration that the fire shall be alive and the needy be fed forever. On Jan 15th 1872 he established the Sathiya Gnana Sabhai (Hall of True Knowledge).

End of Worldly Life

St.Ramalingam spent the last part of his life in a small hut known as “Siddhi Vilaham” (place of attainment or self-realization), in a small village called Mettukuppam. Here St.Ramalingam practiced the life of a Yogi and lived in isolation. Till 1874 he lived in that hut. On January 30, 1874, he disappeared from that hut. St.Ramalingam locked himself inside the room he used to occupy and expressed his Desire that none should venture to open it. He also added that if the


government officials persist to open it, let them be convinced of his Desire of not opening it. If it is opened, the room will be found vacant, since from that moment itself he will enter the Soul of everyone and lead them to the right path of Grace. These utterances proved to be final.

Perhaps one of the most notable factors of this sage is the claim that he supposedly attained a divinization of the physical body. He attained a total of Three transformations. His first transformation was the transformation of his normal human body into the Perfect Body, between the supposed attributes of this body are total invulnerability to everything thus rendering him effectively immortal and impervious to any kind of damage as well as having the attributes of being omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient this body is apparently made of Divine Light.

Beyond this state there was a subsequent transformation by which the Perfect Body transformed further into the Grace Body possessing the following attributes: This body had automatically a young appearance like that of a kid, can be seen but can’t be touched, and has complete and absolute dominion over all the Siddhis.

Even beyond the State of the Grace Body supposedly there was a third and final transformation in which the Grace Body was transformed into the Bliss Body. This body is the body of the Supreme Godhead and is automatically omnipresent but can’t be perceived by anyone.

By achieving this Ramalinga demonstrated that the ultimate states of spirituality can in fact be attained in this world with the physical body and death is not a necessity to experience the ultimate spiritual experience.


Editor, Epigraphist and Poet: Vallalar’s years in Madras were marked by great literary activities. Poems and songs flowed from him in profusion. The first twelve years up


to 1835 may be described as ‘the period of Kandakottam (the last word meaning ‘the temple of Kandaswami) when he identified himself, as a devotee, with God Kandan of that temple, and composed songs in His praise.

The next twenty-two years until 1858 may be described as ‘the period of Thiruvottriyur’ when he identified himself, as a devotee, with Lord Thyagaraja (the ascetic aspect of Siva) of that temple, and composed songs in His adoration.

During this period of his life, he edited certain poems of an earlier age and wrote two works in prose.

The first of these was his edition of “Ozhivil Odukkam” (Primer of self-knowledge) of the Saint Kannudaya Vallal (1380-1476 A . D . ) with the commentary of Thirupporur Chidambara Swamigal and this was published by Sabapathy Mudaliar in 1851.

The next to be published, again at the request of Sabapathy Mudaliar, was “Manumurai Kanda Vachagam” (A Tale of Justice) in which Vallalar gave an expanded version in prose of the story of King Manuchchozhan dispensing justice to a cow, told in the ancient Tamil classic Periya Puranam of Sekkizhar. This was published by Palayam Subbaraya Chettiar in 1854 for the Society of Religious Education.

The third book edited by Vallalar was “Chinmaya Deepikai” (Guide to Spirituality) of the poet Mutthaiyya Swamigal of Vridhachalam. This was published by Madurai Mudaliar in 1857.

The second prose work of Vallalar, Jivakarunya Ozhukkam (The Canons of Compassion for Living Beings) was published only after his attaining Bliss Body.

Ramalinga had no Desire and took no initiative in publishing his poems. Of the devotional and metaphysical poems which flowed from him all the time, only a few stray pieces got published by some disciples during these years in Madras. It


was years later, after he had left for Vadalur, that a few ardent disciples, through persistent persuasion, were able to get his permission and to issue a definitive edition of his poems. This book they called Thiru Arutpa (Song of Divine Grace). As a musician and poet, he composed 5818 poems breathing universal love and peace, compiled into 6 Tirumuraigal, which are all available today as a single book called Thiruvarutpa (tiru-arut-pa, holy book of grace).


The path of Samarasam contains four disciplines :

1. a. Gnana Indriya Ozhukkam (Ozhukkam means self – control):

Listening to the praise of God. Preventing bad words entering our ears.

Avoiding looks of harshness and wickedness.

Abstaining from touching evil things.

Abstaining from gluttony etc.

1. b. Karma Indriya Ozhukkam :

Speaking sweet words. Telling no lies.

Resisting by all means from harmful deeds to other living beings.

Leading a religious life.

Associating ourselves with people of saintly character. Maintaining a healthy body.

2. Karma Ozhukkam :

The Mind has to be directed to the Cit Sabhai by taking it away from other objects (Cit Sabhai is the heart in which the Divine abodes).

Not to enquire into the faults of others. Not to be wicked.


3. Jiva Ozhukkam :

Jiva Ozhukkam is the discipline that teaches one to treat all human beings as equal, and feel the presence of oneself in all human beings.

One must not be affected by the various distinctions as social, national, linguistic, caste, religion, etc. because the Soul belongs to a different sphere where no differences exist.

4. Anma Ozhukkam :

Anma Ozhukkam is further development of Jiva ozhukkam. Here the Soul looks upon all living beings alike (not only human beings but also other beings). Here the Soul feels great compassion for all the beings, considers ‘Anma’ as the ‘Sabhai’ and the ‘Inner Light’ as God.



Blessings for the translation of Books of Gnosis

KAAGABUJANDAR Hails Thee! Hail Thee! Gnani Arasu!

Hail Thee! Desika, King of charity,

Hail Thee! The great preceptor of Pranava,who Established the Suddha Sanmargha in this Universe.

Rajaram is a blessed Soul of thine,

Oh! Master preceptor

The parents who begot him to this world,

Gopalakrishnan is his venerable father,

Renganayaki the noble mother,

Worthy parents are they;

With the Blessings of Arangan.

Lend your ears,

In the service of Arangan with Honour

To translate the books of Gnosis with meanings without fail, In this Universe! Lend your ears.

Spiritual advancement doth occur,

Doth  occur to those who are drawn

Unto service and Are in service.

Scholars do appreciate.

Rajaram, the son hails from the lineage of service, He was in the service of SivarajaYogi

For a birth or two wholeheartedly, And hails from the path of gnosis.

I shall tell thee now, continuing this, shall translate The holy books of gnosis with consummate perfection, And the world to study and bring laurels to Arangan. Indeed is a task of nobility to achieve the glory as longed – our Blessings


Blessings are there! With the Blessings of Master Preceptor Identify the interpretation perfect,

And translate with no error and

To attain the glory – Our Blessings.

Let us add glory to Arangan’s abode

The service of this son will add,

Glory to his own family also perfectly,

And to lead with growth of dignity.

To lead is our Blessings!

We the Gnanis be with you

In all services of perfection

Rendered with our Blessings in this universe

With our benign Blessings, this son

Get initiated at an opportune time

From immaculate and matchless

Siddha Yogi of Thuraiyur.

Take the initiation and offer Grains of thy weight for charity

Get blessed; chant the name of Arangan, happily, Piously to carry out the task blemishless.

Translation becomes perfect,

The Mind becomes calm and composed, And love, compassion towards living being

And prosperity be showered on those who study

And hidden secrets of Gnana are revealed.

Blessed all rush to Arangan’s path

And attain the life of gnosis blemishless

And reach the state of Bliss in this Kaliyuga

Thus is our Blessings .



JIVAKARUNYA OZHUKKAM –A STUDY (Canons of Compassion for Living Beings)


An important aspect of Vallalar’s philosophy is “Jivakarunya Ozhukkam”, which means having a compassionate outlook towards all lives. It refers to one’s attitude towards fellow beings on the one hand and towards all other creatures like animals, birds etc. Vallalar could not bear to see the agony of people suffering from Hunger. He stressed the quality of compassion for all. The privileged ones should help the less privileged and service to humanity is equal to service to God. Vallalar wanted the whole humanity to integrate into one single objective, the divine unity of Souls, based on ‘Jivakarunya Ozhukkam’ or compassion. The path of Sanmarga symbolizes truth, love and discipline which leads to the highest stage of divinity (Iswara Sakshathkaram) and immortality. Vallalar underlined certain principles which formed the foundation of Samarasa Sudha Sanmargam.

( God is one. He is formless aspect of “Arul Perum Jyothi, the Vast Grace of Light”.

( All are children of one God and there is no caste, religious or regional differences.

( One should recognize the divinity in every Soul, respect it and live in peace and prosperity, in a spirit of love and unity.

( Compassion towards all living beings should form the basis of all actions.

( To reach God, tread the path of simplicity and humility, not that of cumbersome ritual or extravagant worship.

At the opening of the Sanmarga Veda Dharma Salai (Free feeding House for the Brotherhood) in 1867, a tract of his, Jivakarunya Ozhukkam which he had started writing before 1866, was read out by Chidambaram Venkata Subba Dikshitar.It contained the following:

“People must realize that they must hasten to bring to fruition, the rare chance of human birth given to them.That


fruition consists in gaining the joy of awareness of the pure Effulgent Grace that shows through all lives, all deeds, all things, all worlds, and thus in gaining the highest life that is not impeded at any time in any way by anything.

The way to attain this life and this joy is through gaining the Grace which is the natural quality of God.There is only one way to attain this Grace, and no other. It is to make the Grace which is the natural quality of God one’s own natural quality. What is Grace in God is compassion for Life in man.”

This tract was published by his disciples in 1879, five years after his invisibility from the common eyes, It is entitled significantly, “Canons of Compassion for Living Beings” being the first step on the True Path. Vallalar reiterates this teaching in his discourses and in his letters to his disciples. He affirms that this is beyond doctrines and dogmas, creeds and religions, and as such should be acceptable for all religions.

In one of what he calls his ‘Petitions of the Supreme Effulgent Grace’ he prays: Lord of all, Supreme Effulgent Grace! Grant that henceforth our Minds are not tainted with ritualistic and other aberrations of creeds and sects, cultural and other aberrations of castes and codes

This book is in three parts. There are about 332 sentences, the shortest one is single worded and the longest one is with 484 words. Vallalar employs about 8568 words in total. He has employed the word “Jivakarunyam” 114 times, the word “Ozhukkam “ 65 times and the word “vilakkam” 121 times. The word”vilakkam” has been employed six times in a single sentence. Probably he has taken inspiration from His mentor St. Tirumular.

By Inner Light Unite One in Siva Interminable are light and darkness

Only to those who have light, will darkness cease; To the eyes that see light, darkness is not;

So, too, when the inner light dispells darkness The Jive with Siva one becomes.

Tirumantiram -1819


Kindle Light Within Light

Break open the Kundalini Light

Light the Lamp within;

Kindle the Light within that Light

They who can thus brighten,

The Light within the Light

May reach the Feet of Him,

Who is lustrous Lamp of Jnana.

Tirumantiram -2816

The sentences employed are highly spiritual oriented and not ordinarily intelligible to common man.Even for a native, an interpreter is a must. One need to read many a times to drive home the hidden treasure. The Twenty first century reader will definitely run into wrong interpretation if not read carefully and with spiritual fervour.

Vallalar preaches as a perfect preceptor employing Questions and Answers. There are about 60 Questions and Answers ,36 in part 1, 14 in part -2 and 10 in part-3.The 19 tenets of “Jiva karunyam” have been given in Part-1. He has given definitions for Hunger, Killing, Disease, Threat, Fear, Poverty, Passion very succinctly in part-2.The logical deduction to establish that “Hunger “ is the worst of all distresses finds no parallel in the domain of Logic.

Every earnest attempt has been made to translate each and every word so that the originality has been retained. I must profusely thank His Holiness Swami Thavathiru Arangamaha desika Swamigal for His benignity in giving me an opportunity to translate this Holy work of St.Vallalar. He was with me throught this venture, it is evident.

I acknowledge with profound thanks Swamiji’s confidence instilled in me for this noble work. My good friends S/ Sri.Swaminathan, Chennai Metro Rail Limited and Kirubakaran Chennai Metro Rail Limited stood with me in


assisting unhesistantly. I whole heartedly beseech the Blessings of Swamiji and Lord Almighty. My wife Smt.Dhanalakshmi shouldered additional domestic responsibilities during this period of service and need to be complimented specially, and my family members Sri.R.Harishankar, Sri.R.Dwaraganath, Dr.R.Ramkumar, Dr.R.Guru kirupa, Smt. Ramya, Smt. Venkatalakshmi, Sri . Shankara Prathapa Chandra and Sri.Rishinath shankar also need to be thanked for their unfailing co-operation during the period of translation.

Sri Agathiar Sanmarka Sangam, Ongarakudil, Thuraiyur – 621 010. Trichy District,Tamilnadu is immensely pleased to release this holy universal book in English for the benefit of our overseas brethren. We profoundly thank all the good Samaritans who have stood with us in bringing out this volume successfully and pray unto the Holy feet of our Swamiji to shower His choicest blessings.Vanchi Offset printers, Thuraiyur has once again proved their mettle in bringing out this book with elegance.






Those who Desire to get salvation from this birth shall wake up at 4.30 in the morning, complete their avocations, light a lamp with Ghee or gingely oil, sit in an even surface on a white cloth,light fragrant incense sticks and keep flowers if possible and chant “Om Hail the Holy Feet of St.Ramalinga Swamigal” daily for 30 minutes in the morning and evening. If the Holy Feet of St. Ramalinga Swamigal are worshipped daily continuously all the sins of the past births get absolved and virtue flourishes. The knowledge and maturity to bestow devotion will dawn. Moreover the knowledge to understand that meat eating will cause evil to befall on us will dawn. Moreover we can understand that alleviation of Hunger only can lead us to Bliss. Continuous prayer can enrich us with the benign character like forgiving and forgetting the errors of others. Moreover the tendency to take revenge on the people harmed us gets changed considering the same as fruits of our past deeds of demerit.

We can understand that talking pleasantly with pure heart as the “VIRTUE”. We may not get pleasantness in speech and purity in heart without the blessings of St. Ramalinga Swamigal.To the extent of our Devotion, the Mind also softens. Moreover there will not be any wild imagination and at the same time not indulge in unworthy activities and gets defeated.

If one wants to succeed in life with many achievements he shall have the strength of Virtue and strength of Grace. If one wants to gain the strength of Virtue he shall resort to acts of virtue like avoidance of Killing living beings, abhor meat eating, respect others, befriend with open heartedness, speaking pleasantly and alleviating the Hunger of the poor. To gain the strength of Grace one shall daily invoke “Om St. Ramalinga Swamigal kindly treat , a mean man worst than a dog like me


also and Bless me”. People with the strength of Virtue and strength of Grace only can win over the continuing births. Despite a chance being available to overcome births, people fall into the hell of births again and again and suffer, because of lack of blessings of a true preceptor and non- devotion with proper methods. People with the strength of Virtue and strength of Grace are not enamoured by non-permanent materials. The sufferings of repeated births surround men who consider passions for non-permanent things as permanent. “Sanmarkam” is the only path which can severe births. It is impossible to severe births if we indulge in various rituals without following “Sanmarkam”

Hence let us Hail the Holy Feet of St.Ramalinga Swamigal. Let us gain Birthless Grand life and live happily.

Note: The four steps of Sariyai, Kiriyai, Yoga, and Gnanam can be understood only if the Holy Feet of St.Ramalinga Swamigal, the effulgence of Grace light, is worshipped with devotion. Those who do not worship with devotion cannot understand Sariyai, Kiriyai, Yoga, and Gnanam. One can attain Bliss only by continuous Devotion after understanding the above four.

Om! Hail the Holy Feet of AGATHIYAR.

Om! Hail the Holy Feet of RAMALINGA SWAMIGAL Great Effulgence of Grace ! Great Effulgence of Grace! Grand Compassion unique! Great Effulgence of Grace !





Lord’s Feet is the Final Refuge of Souls Illumed The Holy Feet is Siva, if you but know,

The Holy Feet is Siva’s world, if you but think, The Holy Feet is Freedom’s Bliss, truth to say, There is the final refuge for Souls illumed.

Tirumantiram 138

Essence of the above verse

If one who is blessed with rarest of rare human body analyse the means to get salvation from this birth, it is nothing else than the “Blessings of the guru (The Preceptor).” One can perform puja of chanting “Om! Hail the Holy Feet of RAMALINGA SWAMIGAL” sitting in front of a lamp with Ghee or gingely oil, sit in an even surface on a white cloth, light fragrant incense sticks and flowers if possible daily for 30 minutes in the morning and evening. If one does worship so he can become “Siva.” The world he lives in, is Sivaloka (The abode of Lord Siva). Whatever approaches one may resort to, the salvation from this birth can be attained by the worship of the Holy Feet of Ramalinga Swamigal only.

The efforts through their intelligence may not fructify the objective.

Hence during the course of penance if there are hindrances wrought out of past misdeeds, St.Ramalinga Swamigal is powerful enough to come to our rescue and bless us with “ Thou shall not be afraid my son”

Hence getting the end result of this rarest of rare birth is to get salvation from this birth by worshipping “Om! Hail the Holy Feet of RAMALINGA SWAMIGAL”.

Note: Once we chant “Om! Hail the Holy Feet of RAMALINGA SWAMIGAL”, the nine Crore Siddha Retinue surround us and absolve all our deficiencies is our experience.



Om! Hail the Holy Feet of AGATHIYAR.

Om! Sivaya Sivachidambara RAMALINGA parabrahmmane Namah Great Effulgence of Grace ! Great Effulgence of Grace! Grand Compassion unique! Great Effulgence of Grace !

Do you want to reach the Holy Feet of the Almighty?




The human beings are the highest order of 84 Lakhs of different kinds of creations created by the great Effulgent grace of Lord, the Almighty God of Nature. These are blessed with the speciality of sixth sense to cognise the sufferings of other living beings. If living beings with sixth sense are not able appreciate the sorrows and sufferings of the other living beings, it is purely due to the past misdeeds. Only these misdeeds create miserliness and hard heartedness. If one wants to eradicate miserliness and hard heartedness he shall read at least two pages daily from this book JIVAKARUNYA OZHUKKAM

(THE CANONS OF COMPASSION FOR LIVING BEINGS) rendered by His Holiness ST.RAMALINGA SWAMIGAL,THE GREAT EFFULGENCE OF GRACE ,with great reverence and shall conduct himself accordingly. If one conducts accordingly hard heartedness leaves and compassion enters

The Holy Book JIVAKARUNYA OZHUKKAM (THE CANONS OF COMPASSION FOR LIVING BEINGS) is published by Sri Agathiar Sanmarka Sangam,Thuraiyur – 621 010. Trichy District.Possession of this book amounts to St.RAMALINGA SWAMIGAL, THE GREAT EFFULGENCE OF GRACE himself taking His seat there. Apart from keeping this book in your residence you shall also assist your relatives and friends to keep a copy of this holy book in their residences also.



help understanding the Omniscience and get salvation from this birth. This book is a gift of the God for the spiritualists yearning to get salvation from this birth. Those who read and follow not only get all their past deeds of demerits absolved and also get virtues. Once the Virtue increases again and again, the hard heartedness leaves and compassion enters. Men of compassion only can understand the sufferings of other living beings. The Mind to alleviate the sufferings of other living beings is generated only by JIVAKARUNYA OZHUKKAM. We are not aware as to whether any other book other than this is available to get salvation from this birth or to reach the celestial abode or The Bliss (Mukthi). It is certain that this world will get great relief from the very day that this book is translated and published in all the languages of the world.

It is not at all possible to eradicate all the sins, to attain virtue, or to attain the eternal Bliss by various wasteful rituals.Salvation from this birth can be attained only by reading this Holy book and following it. There is no room for any kind of ritual in JIVAKARUNYA OZHUKKAM. It is true that real spiritual gain can be attained only by feeding the hungry living beings, curing Diseases, assisting education and alleviating the sufferings of the living beings.

Note: In the creation of all powerful Effulgent Grace, there was no hard heartedness for the human being, the higher order of creation. The hard heartedness crept in only due to the bondage i.e the three impurities (Aanavam, Kanmam, Maya). If one wants to conquer this bondage and get salvation from this birth, one shall worship His Holiness St.RAMALINGA SWAMIGAL, THE GREAT EFFULGENCE OF GRACE and follow his Holy rendering JIVAKARUNYA

OZHUKKAM (THE CANONS OF COMPASSION FOR LIVING BEINGS), the bondage known as three Impurities can be overcome and get salvation from this birth. The Devotion and compassion only can lead men to Godhead.

In this body of Three impurities there is a pure body known


as “Pranava Deham”. Only with the body of impurities, the body of light known as “Pranava Deham” can be brought out. That means one can be activated only with the assistance of another (To sail across the ocean a ship is a must. Similarly to get salvation this glorious body is required).Compassion for Living Beings will assist this. As a husk to paddy, the God has created body with three impurities. If husk is removed paddy will not germinate. Similarly if the bondage known as three impurities leave, there will be no births. Devotion and compassion only can give Bliss.

Only with the assistance of the body of three impurities, the Pranava Deham ,the body of Light can be attained. If one chants the Mantra “Om! Hail the Holy Feet of St.RAMALINGA SWAMIGAL, THE GREAT EFFULGENCE OF GRACE” And pray Him who has attained Pranava Deham daily for Thirty minutes in the morning and evening and if possible 12 in the mid night and perform the Mantra puja of Chanting the Holy Name, One can realise the infirmities of the three impurities and their after effects. One who realise these impurities can conquer continuing births.

Many a great men have taken birth in the past million years, have attained Bliss, and have rendered many books on Morals. Among these though books on Virtue, Materialism, Pleasure, Moksha or Sariyai, Kiriyai, Yogam and Gnanam have been written we have not come to know whether any one has done a work like JIVAKARUNYA OZHUKKAM (THE

CANONS OF COMPASSION FOR LIVING BEINGS) rendered by His Holiness St.RAMALINGA SWAMIGAL, THE GREAT EFFULGENCE OF GRACE. No great men ever have written a book with compassion on living beings and it cannot happen ever. This is a great medium to give salvation from the Disease of births. Touching, Worshipping, Reading, Listening to reading, Encouraging others to read and spreading the message of this book are pure Services of Lord Siva. We shall bow down and hail the holy feet of those who spread the message of this book. we shall worship and be blessed.



An Appeal

Thou shalt pray unto St.Ramalinga Swamigal, The Great Effulgence Of Grace, to attain relevant knowledge for Compassion for Living Beings

“Ohm Sri Ramalinga Swamigal, thou shalt accept me and bless me to worship thine Holy Feet daily and receive thine Blessings.”

“Grant me the relevant knowledge, maturity of wisdom for Compassion for Living Beings.”

“Ohm Sri Ramalinga Swamigal ! kindly treat me, a mean worst than a dog also as being and shower thine Blessings.”

“Countless sinners have worshipped thine Holy feet, got their sins absolved and got thine Blessings

“I am also a sinner. Accept me and be with my senses and feelings in my flesh and blood and make me discriminate the sins and virtues, and shall bless me to eradicate sins and enrich virtues”

“Ohm Sri Ramalinga Swamigal! Only with the assistance of thine benign blessings, I have realised Omniscience and got salvation from the births”

“Hence I bow down thine Holy Feet and beckon to accept and Bless me”


If this Holy Book JIVAKARUNYA OZHUKKAM is in our house nobody can inflict witchcraft on us, no envious eyes harm us. There cannot be any hindrances by devils and ghosts. There can’t be any hindrances by Thieves and wild creatures. Nobody can file cases on false allegations and harm us. Hence if this radiant Holy Book JIVAKARUNYA OZHUKKAM is available in our house no accident will happen to its habitats. Agriculture, Business, Industry and Profession will prosper uninterruptedly. Disrupted marriages for men and women will materialise with no further disruption. This Holy Book JIVAKARUNYA OZHUKKAM will dispel the darkness, ignorance and create radiance and special intelligence. Those who study and follow this Holy Book JIVAKARUNYA OZHUKKAM can conquer continuing births and Deathless Grand Life will materialise.

Let us worship the Holy Feet of Sri Ramalinga Swamigal and attain Virtues. Hence on behalf of Sri Agathiar Sanmarka Sangam,Thuraiyur we publish this most valuable Book Jivakarunya Ozhukkam (The Canons Of Compassion for Living Beings) rendered by His Holiness St.Ramalinga Swamigal, The Great Effulgence Of Grace. All the servitors may read and get benifitted.

For publication of this holy Book Jivakarunya Ozhukkam (The Canons Of Compassion for Living Beings) rendered by His Holiness St.Ramalinga Swamigal, The Great Effulgence Of Grace, Shri. Madhavan dedicated himself day and night despite his pre occupation and made the release a grand success. On behalf of Sri Agathiar Sanmarka Sangam, Thuraiyur, we submit ourselves to the Holy Feet Of St.Ramalinga Swamigal, for all health, wealth and longevity of life for Shri. Madhavan, his family members, friends and relatives. Let us Hail The Holy Feet of St. Ramalinga Swamikal and attain life of Gnosis.




Great Effulgence of Grace ! Great Effulgence of Grace! Grand Compassion unique! Great Effulgence of Grace !

First part of Sanmarka Vilakkam



The Ambrosial pot of Tiruvarutpa

Salutation to the supreme Siva

Thou art a mountain which can be bound by Love Thou art a King entering a home of Love

Thou art the Supreme Being caught in the nets of Love Thou art the Ambrosia seated in our palm of love Thou art the ocean shrunk in the container of Love Thou art the radiance of intelligence in the life of Love Thou art the effulgent great Soul great in the minute Thou art the manifest of love.




Those who have taken the births of human beings shall identify the spiritual gain to be attained by this birth during its existence and shall attain the same.

1. To understand which is that spiritual gain?

The spiritual gain to be attained by this human birth is truly to be understood as the “Unique Grand life” to be lived uninterruptedly at any time, at any place, by any kind with the “consummate happiness of Nature” of the God, who is the personification of true Nature, who by the radiance of consummate Nature His power of grace created all universes,


all worlds, all materials, all living beings, all ways of living, all fruits of one’s action and keeps them surviving.

2. To understand the means through which the uninterrupted grand life is received and lived with happiness of Nature.

It shall be understood that that can be attained only through “Grace” which is “God’s radiance of Nature”.

3. To understand the means to attain the Grace, the Gods radiance of Nature.

It shall be understood certainly, except through the path of Compassion for Living Beings, the Grace of God, even a little, cannot be attained by any other means.

4. How is it that the Grace of God cannot be obtained by any other means except through the “path of Compassion for Living Beings”?

“Grace” is the compassion of God . God is the personification of Nature. ‘Jivakarunyam” means Compassion for Living Beings. Living beings are embodiments of Nature. Hence attaining compassion through compassion, embodiment through personification is possible. As it cannot be attained by any other means is the experience. Through Compassion for Living Beings, it is possible to attain “Grace”. It is certain; it cannot be attained by any other means. It is to be understood that no other evidence is required.

As Compassion for Living Beings is the path to attain Grace, it is to be understood that the path of Gnosis and Sanmarkam (the path of wisdom) are the path of Compassion for Living Beings, and path of ignorance and path of the wicked are not the paths of Compassion for Living Beings.

When the Compassion for living Beings exists, the intellect and love also will co-exist, that will yield helping Nature. Through that helping Nature all benign things will appear.


Once the Compassion for Living Beings extinct, the intellect and love also will extinct along with that that will lead to extinct of helping Nature. The extinction of helping Nature will give birth to appearance of all evils.

Hence, it is understood, that “the Compassion for Living Beings” is only virtue and sin is non-Compassion for Living Beings.

The conspicuousness wrought by the path of Compassion for Living Beings is the conspicuousness of the God, the happiness wrought through the “path is of Compassion for Living Beings” is the happiness of the God. Such of those Blissful celestial beings who have identified and enjoyed for a very long period, both the conspicuousness and happiness are only Jivanmukthar (attainment of Bliss while living) and those only realize God through their intellect and became God head, truly shall everyone understand.

5. But what is the path of Compassion for Living Beings?

It is living with the compassion of the Soul, towards the living beings in the matters related to living beings, as worship of God.

6. In the matters of living beings, when does the compassion of Soul take place?

It shall be understood that the compassion of the Soul takes place, when we see living beings are distressed due to Hunger, Thirst, Disease, Desire, Pitiableness, Fear and Killing or heard or when known, living beings will be distressed as above.

7. What is the propriety to cause Compassion for Living Beings?

As all living beings, being the same Nature of rareness and on principles of Nature created by omnipotent Lord Almighty, all these living beings are brothers of the same propriety. If it is the propriety of brethren to have compassion when a brother is distressed due to a danger or known to be distressed, it should be understood that the compassion of a


living being towards other living being when in distress, or to have known that was distressing is only due to the spiritual propriety of the path.

8. Why do some have no propriety of brotherhood when they remain hard heartened, when they see living beings are distressed?

It was not possible because the eye known as spiritual intellect to perceive the distressed as his brother, he is suffering and will be suffering has its vision blurred due to cataract of ignorance and its aids like Mind, the spectacles also was not able to reflect due to its thickness. Hence, it shall be understood that though propriety of brotherhood was there, the compassion did not take place. Hence, those with Compassion for Living Beings are considered to be realized Souls.

9. The distress caused to living beings due to Hunger, Thirst and Fear are the experience of organs of action like Mind and eye and not spiritual experience. So, there is no special benefit or gain to have Compassion for Living Beings! If asked:

In this physical body, Anma the life force and God as principles of Nature, the intellect of intellect, the other organs of sense and organs of action are only tools of bodies of Nature and not of Souls. Hence, bodies are not aware of experiencing pleasure and pain. We cannot say red soil was happy and distressed, similarly we cannot say the Mind experienced happiness and distress. As we construct house with red soil for the living physical body, the body is a small home built by God with organs of action like Mind for the life of life force (jiva). The pleasure and pain are experienced by the inhabitants and not by the house. Moreover, when the vision is blurred due to cataract and the eyes see through the aid of spectacles, when the eyes witness painful sight, that are the eyes which shed tears and not the spectacles. Hence, the tools for spiritual realisation like Mind donot experience pleasure and pain and it is to be understood that ‘Soul’ only experiences.


10. The Mind becomes happy when the Soul enjoys happiness; when there is a distress, the Mind suffers. Hence, can we not understand, the pleasure and pain are experienced by Mind ? If asked,

Cannot experience. As the strength and weakness of a house holder living in a glass house is reflected through the glasses and seen outside, his brightness in the eyes and its debility are reflected through the spectacles worn and seen outside, the happiness and sufferings of the Soul, reflects through the organs of action, like Mind and seen outside. Hence, pleasure and pain are experiences of Soul only and it is to be understood that the organs of action are only favourable tools to Soul to identify and experience the pain and pleasure.

11. Why do the many creations of God suffer heavily by Hunger, Thirst and Fear? If asked,

It is to be understood that these living beings suffer heavily as per the spiritual orders of the God by Hunger, Thirst and Fear as they in their earlier body without resorting to the path of Compassion For Living being hard hearted and lived an evil life.

12. How was there a previous body? If asked,

A house holder, who came to live in a house on rental, was living in a rented house earlier. Except that, was not living without a house. If there is disturbance in this house, he will go to some other house. As we understand, the Soul which came to this body by paying food as wages was living in another body by paying wages and would not have lived without body, if there is disturbance in this body, it is to be understood it will go to some other body. Hence, you shall understand that the Soul had body earlier and will have in future also.

13. How is it that evil deed of the past body is continued in the current birth also? If asked,

If a house holder without following the directions of his


land lord invite wicked people and associate with them, and when he transfers to some other house, the wicked men will come to this house and also associate with him. Similarly, if the Soul while residing in a previous body, without following the directions of the God, had resorted to evil deeds, when the Soul takes some other body, the same evil deeds will come to the current body and join the Soul, it must be understood.

14. If it is the law of the God’s spiritual order to distress the living beings to suffer by Hunger, Thirst and Fear in the current birth for their path of evil leaving the path of Compassion For Living Beings, is it not against the law of God’s spiritual order in their matter to have compassion and feed them with food and others when they are in distress ? If asked,

No. The King feeds the worst criminals who disregarded his order and imprisoned with chained legs, through his servants. Similarly, the God also feeds through His attendant deities, the sinners in hell who have disregarded the God’s orders and landed themselves in many ways. The king removes his servants who have committed minor offences, preventing them to get the benefits through their job for them to come to morality and transfers them to some other place. As they have lost their job, they lose the comforts like palatable food and while wander and suffer in search of food and other things, people with compassion on seeing offer them food and other things, when the King heard and saw the same, treats them hospitably with compassion as good house holder and not angry with them.

Similarly God also in order to bring benign thoughts to living beings who have not obeyed his orders and committed minor mistakes gets rid of with his powers whatever worldly comforts he has given them and transfers them to some other body. As these living beings have lost their comforts of worldly carnal pleasures, comforts of food having lost wander and suffer in different places, kind compassionate people on seeing


them suffer without food and other things, if they offer them food and other things, they are more compassionate people, they will bless them happily to be more and more comfortable and shall not be angry with them. Hence, it shall be truly understood that for the orders of the God, if the living beings are compassionate to living beings is acceptable to God.

15. Life in this world prevails only due to Compassion for Living Beings. It shall be understood that life in this world does not exist without Compassion for Living Beings? If asked how:

When there is no Compassion for Living Beings, intelligence and Love do not appear, when they do not appear benignity, unanimity and benefaction do not appear, when they do not appear, the mighty living beings, may internally extinct the weak living beings due to evil conduct and jealousy. Later the path of the mighty becomes sluggish. By the path of one, other path becomes weakened due to pride and perishes after changes. In the forest where compassionless living beings like Tiger, Lion and other animals live, no law of this world exist. Similarly it should be understood that there is no law of this world where people with no Compassion for Living Beings live.

16. The path of Heaven prevails due to Compassion for All Living beings. If it is not there, there would not be path of Heaven. If asked how:

Light of mercy does not dawn when there is no Compassion for Living Beings. When it does not appear, God head does not materialize. When it does not materialize, nobody attains the pleasure of Bliss (mukhthi). If it is not attained, it should be understood that there is no Rule of Heaven.

17. As there is no longer existence of Compassion for Living Beings, vicious course of conduct enhanced and everywhere only means exist. If asked how?

The hard hearted without compassion to human beings, according to their evil needs take birth as inhabitants of infernal


regions, some as inhabitants of Oceans, some as inhabitants of forest, some as wicked animals like Tiger, Bear, lion, Yali (An animal with the face of lion and tusks of an elephant), Elephant, an Elk (wild Beast), He Buffalo, Pig, Dog, and Cat and some as poisonous reptiles like snake and scorpion, some as strong crocodiles and shark, some as mean birds like crow and eagles, some as impure plants Etti (Poisonous bitter tree) and Cactus. Hence it is to be understood as only mean way of living exist.

It should be understood to gain the grace of God, compared to all living things is not only a tool and that is the manifestation of that grace. As the compassion to the living beings is the manifestation of Soul’s Nature, for the living being without the manifestation of Soul’s Nature, manifestation of the God will not be experienced both internally and externally.

18. The principal object of Compassion for Living Beings if asked;

Souls are manifestations of Nature’s reality, Grace, the manifestation of reality of Nature to be an intellect of intellect remain a place of unanimity and the same Souls to enhance to a number as living beings, the physical bodies are the proprieties, and in these bodies if the Souls do not increase becoming living beings, the realisation of self will extinct;

When the Light of Grace does not dawn, excessive mental darkness (ignorance) of i.e., the bondage for source, on account of that the physical body is a must, Maya (Primordial matter-one of the Three impurities) is the prime cause, often body is endangered by its varied pretences like Hunger, Thirst, Disease, Strong Desire (Lust), Pitiableness, Fear and Killing. To prevent such dangers, the living beings have been given required perquisites, through their intellect wrought through the assistance of intellectual faculties, with absolute carefulness, with that perquisites, the living beings shall eliminate such


danger and are bound to make such efforts to get spiritual gain. In the case of living beings, due to their past deeds and carelessness and Hunger, Thirst, Disease, strong Desire, Pitiableness, Fear and Killing are not able to eliminate such dangers, the living beings with such perquisites to eradicate such dangers shall eradicate such danger with compassion.


(Non – Celestial Compassion for Living Beings)

While redressing so, except the distress caused by Hunger and Killing redressing other distresses are non celestials, they may create little pleasure of this world


(Celestial Compassion for Living Beings)

As the redressal of distresses caused by Hunger and Killing is a celestial compassion to living beings the pleasures of this world , and countless pleasures of realisation (Siddhi) and non destruction- less pleasure of Bliss (Mukhthi) by the grace despite the possession of necessary perquisites and intellect to redress the dangers brought by past misdeeds, carelessness to the other living beings, if one has betrayed without doing so, along with the right to enjoy the pleasures of this world, enjoying the pleasures of the Heaven will also not materialise by the grace and will lose the worldly pleasure already enjoying as prescribed in Vedas it should be understood that the principal objective of Compassion for Living Beings is redressal of distress caused by past misdeeds, carelessness, Hunger and Killing, of the living beings who have no propriety and intellect to redress the same, with compassion without betraying; and to understand that the greatest benignity is to have true belief on it, feed the hungry living beings remove the Killing by deeds and create happiness of satisfaction.

19. Though redressal of danger caused by Hunger, Killing, Disease, Thirst, Fear, Pitiableness and strong Desire (lust) is the rule, why is it considered special to redress the


dangers caused due to Hunger and Killing alone? If required to understand:

In the path of Compassion for Living Beings there are two kinds, Compassion for Living Beings in non celestial region and in celestial region. Among these alleviation of Hunger and Killing are considered as Compassion for Living Beings of celestial region and considered as special, it is to be understood.


Moreover people with compassion to alleviate Hunger for the distressed living beings due to Hunger, may not abstain to offer water to quench the Thirst. It is not difficult to provide water and water is available in tanks, ponds and in canals. Except that by Thirst redeemable scurrilous dangers may happen, no harm or destruction will happen to body. Due to Hunger irredeemable harm may happen to body.


Those who have compassion to redress the distress caused due to Hunger may not lack compassion to distress caused by Disease. The Diseases are developed due to increased Hunger Those Diseases are cured by food regulations. Though different medicines are given for Diseases, restricted food is the base for survival of the body. It is possible to retain a body with Disease for a long term; but it is not possible to retain a body even for day without food.


Those who have compassion to redress the distress caused due to Hunger may not lack compassion redress distress caused due to Desire. Living being while are hungry may not have other Desires, when hungry is appeased where food is available it may be possible to fulfil their other Desires with little efforts or can have a compromise. We can retain body for many days with Desire but not for single day with Hunger.



Those who have compassion to redress the distress caused due to Hunger may not lack compassion to redress distress caused due to Pitiableness of living beings without perquisites. There is no other greater Pitiableness than the Pitiableness caused by Hunger. Pitiableness can be changed after some time, but it is not possible to change Hunger like that. It is possible to retain a body with Pitiableness; but it is not possible to retain a body even for day without food.


Those who have compassion to redress the distress caused due to Hunger may not lack compassion to redress distress caused due to Fear. There is no greater Fear than wrought out of Hunger and Killing. Fear can be eliminated by skill. Hunger cannot be eliminated by skill. It is possible to retain a body with Fear; but it is not possible to retain a body with Hunger The agony and distress caused by Hunger and Killing are similar, Hence redressal of distress caused by Hunger and Killing is the principal object of living beings, one shall understand.

20. While redressal of distress caused by Hunger and Killing are the prime objective of Compassion for Living Beings while redressal of Hunger is repeatedly stressed here?

While men with compassion having known that a living being will be killed by Hunger, redress the Hunger and save the life and if they find Killing of a life by any other means occurs sympathise them and may not lack compassion to redress the distress caused by such Killing. If one does not redress the distress caused by Killing, may not be compassionate enough to address the distress caused by Hunger The Killing caused by Hunger cannot by redressed except by food as the distress caused by Killing due to enmity on other can be redressed by other means, the distress caused by Hunger is repeated and kept at par with that of caused by Killing, one


shall understand. Moreover people suffering from Thirst, Disease, Desire, Pitiableness and Fear, when the suffering of Hunger occur forget all other sufferings and go in search of food, as the suffering of Hunger surfaces above all.

Moreover even the criminal of murder who has been condemned to death by the orders of the sceptre, when Hunger appears forgets his Fear and distress and tries to appease that Hunger

The sickly and elderly who have known that death is imminent through their physician, when Hunger appears forget their distress and tries to appease that Hunger.

If one has decided to feed the hungry out of compassion, will not tolerate living beings suffer and die by other means; that is why redressal of distress caused by Hunger is stressed repeatedly, one shall understand.

21. If it is true that the distress caused by the Hunger causes dissolution of the body, the Hunger of all living beings shall be perceived and redressed. If commenced redressing like that will it be impossible to redress the hungry of the seven types of creation in the countless varieties like celestials, human beings, inhabitants of the infernal region, animals, birds, reptiles, vegetations. If asked;

The celestials are blessed with greater facilities than human beings and are capable and are strong enough of appeasing the hungry by their own efforts and hence it is not necessary for others to think about their hungry, and it is enough if one feels that there will be distress if Hunger happens to them.

The inhabitants of infernal regions are not available at our place where their hungry can be appeased and are there in other places and their hungry are appeased by their attendants. It is not necessary to think about their hungry but feel that they may suffer when Hunger appears alone is must.

Due to fate, vegetations like tree and grass which have


no facilities, human beings shall feed water to such vegetation which will assist their livelihood to appease their hungry, but for other vegetation who are created to feed us according to laws of grace it is not our duty to feed them perceiving their Hunger, it is the right of the God. To think about them is unnecessary but to feel that they may suffer without food alone is a must. The reptiles, birds and animals in the land and water are fed by law of grace according to the fate and appease their Hunger and it is not our duty to feed such living beings with appropriate food but it is the duty of God and among them to feed and redress Hunger of some animals like cow, oxen, He buffalo, goat, horse, which have been earned by human beings for assisting their livelihoods is a must.

Among the human beings, as the loss and distress due to Hunger and the gain and pleasure from the redressal of Hunger is similar for both men and women, as the spiritual knowledge to identify the laws and distress arising out of Hunger through the inner seat of heart (consisting four aspects of Mind, Buddhi, Siddham, Ahankaram) and through organs of sense like eye (there are three kinds of sensual organs viz., those of perception, those of action and the intellectual organs) are similar as the human beings cannot survive and retain the body only with the food offered by the law of grace according to their fate, and has to retain their body redressing Hunger through the food earned in this birth by their own efforts, intelligence and perquisites and human beings are given the liberty to earn their livelihood in this birth by the grace, and Laws of Grace has laid that one has to suffer by Hunger due to non-availability of food by fate, and to redress the Hunger making each other to expect them mutually, and with their assistance feeding food, redressing Hunger and conducting them in good efforts and those who have fed to get realisation and Bliss.

As the human body cannot be taken as easily as other living beings, and in the human body spiritual aspects and aspects of grace are available, and as it is not certain to retrieve this body again after it is lost, as the human body has been


taken only to attain the pleasure of Bliss, and the human body is the only body right from the first creation of the God willingly with great knowledge, as the God has ordered that human beings alone generally firmly follow the principle of compassion of living beings which appease the hungry, which should be understood as the path of Compassion for Living Beings which appeases hungry through food shall largely be followed by human beings.

22. While the living beings like animals and birds are only with food of Law of Grace according to their fate, what is the necessity for human beings to have the self earned food also with that?

It should be understood for human beings food as the retributions of action in the former births, and self earned food in this world are necessary as the God has ordered that human beings shall consume food as their retribution of action in former birth as lawful food and eradicate the enjoyment and the sufferings apportioned to the Soul in the present state by their own efforts consume the self earned food, make the intellectual body much stronger, adopt the path of morality and attain realisation and Bliss. As the living bodies of the animals, birds, reptiles and plants are bodies of punishment, the retributive food as ordered by God will be available due to Grace; they need not earn their own food.

23. But in the beginning, why was Compassion for living Beings prescribed as common for all living beings? If asked.

In this Compassion for Living Beings the most important thing is generally to redress the distress for all human beings and give pleasure of satisfaction through food. If there is life Killing to living beings by any other means like Hunger that life Killing as far as one can prevent by any means, bring to life and make them happy. If there is distress to living being through other causes like sickness and Fear, if it deserves to be redressed, should be redressed, the distress inflicted on


animals, birds, reptiles and vegetation by Fear and Killing shall be redressed by any means, even among them in the wicked living beings, except distress wrought through by little Fear, the distress wrought by Killing shall not be Caused, as all these kinds are Compassion for Living Beings, which should be understood the God has given a mandate to be compassionate to all living beings.

24. Some living beings owned by human beings to assist them are habitually meat eating, when we appease their Hunger are we not give that food? If asked:

It shall be understood that feeding a living being with meat killed out of a living being is not at all path of Compassion for Living Beings, and it is not agreeable to God and it is completely against the Nature.

As all the living beings are manifestation of realistic Nature and God’s existence of Nature and a place of grace, when the realistic Nature of God extinct, there is no existence of life and as the Nature of God and Nature of life are not different from each other the aspect of life’s Nature are existing in that body, harming one living being and appeasing the Hunger of other living being prove that that is completely against the canons of Compassion for Living Beings, one shall understand.

25. Animals like Tiger, Lion, kill other living beings and eat to appease their Hunger through TAMASA food and be happy attaining pleasure of satisfaction. Can we not consider that happiness as the manifestation of principles of God’s Nature, consummation of principles of life Nature if asked?

No . By TAMASA food essential principle of manifestation of God’s Nature and extraordinary essential principle of Soul’s Nature do not prevail as darkness cannot dispel light.


26. Why is it TAMASA food?

As it is a slaughtered food which veiled the principle of God and principle of Soul, it is known as TAMASA food.

27. The principle of happiness wrought out of pleasure

of satisfaction through this food is……

It should be understood as “beginning less Soul’s illusions”.

28. “PASU’ (Soul) means as what?

The Soul which is bounded by the impurities of ego, illusion and karma and lost its intellect is known as PASU.

29) How does the aspect of PASU visible:

As the aspect of light is seeing in darkness of sun hidden by clouds, that darknesses is also seen as aspect of light. Similarly, through the Asuddha Maya Karana and Tamas (dullness) are of darkness, they are hidden by superior life force aspect, the Asuddha Maya and Jnanas are considered to be light only. Hence the aspect derived out of TAMASA food should be treated as Asuddha Maya aspect only.


30) But is it not a food of Tamasa to consume harming trees, grass and paddy like vegetations? And is it not the happiness of impure Mind ? If asked

Trees, grass and paddy like vegetations are also living beings. If we harm and take them as food it is a prodigious Tamasa food only. The happiness of dullness wrought through that also of impure sensation. But it is not so.

As the living being like Trees, Grass and Paddy are single sensed of only touch, and the aspect of life is visible in a way and the seeds from which are also bodies like other seeds, and as we can sow and create life, without removing the life in those living beings without life and we consume only the bodies


like the seeds, vegetables, fruits, flowers, roots, and leaves which are root cause for the birth of life and not the sources, and as there is no harm when we remove seeds, vegetables and fruit as in the case of Sukkilam, nails and hairs when removed, as there is harm, as the vegetation have no lower Mind like inner instruments, it is not a Killing of life and causing harm. Hence it is not against the Compassion for Living Beings and it should be understood and the happiness wrought so is also the manifestation of God, the life force.

31) How is it the seeds of tree like vegetation are bodies which can be giver of life? if asked

If there is life in seeds, they shall germinate before they are sown. In the fields, some seeds even after being sown do not germinate and moreover seeds are only causal. This cause is only for the genesis of body, even the children know of it. Moreover Soul is ‘Eternal’. Body is evanescent; the Eternal Soul does not require an instrument or cause, only the evanescent body need cause. Hence the seeds should be known as bodies only.

32) Then how does the Soul enter the seeds?

It should be understood that when we water the seeds sown in the fields, according to the rule of grace of God, the Soul through the astral body, through the water enters the fields and merges with its perfected condition and reaches the seeds.

33) And some say its shoot shall not be plucked and seed, vegetables, leaves can be consumed. How is it?

After the seed has been sown, through the water Soul merges with the perfected conditions and reaches the seed and the seed germinates, the shoot is not a body like seed and vegetables. Hence it is true that shoot shall not be plucked, one shall understand.



34) Though there is not Killing of living beings in seeds, unripe fruits and fruits is there not the impurities as in Nails, Hairs and Sukkilam (Semen)?*

As there is no growth of Soul and body they are not impure. Hence consuming the seeds, vegetables, fruits and leaves of Trees, grass and paddy is not against the Compassion for Living Beings: it shall be understood.


35) Is Non Vegetarian and not a Staple food for wild animals like Tiger etc ? If it is to be understood:

For those living beings, it is not the staple food by birth; it should be understood as inherited food. Hence it can be remedied and possible to make them consume sattva food. The cat and dog living in a righteous person’s house are guarded against their going out and consuming impure food and makes them habitual to pure food right from the beginning, they consumed that and live. Similarly as there are no people to customise wild animals like Tiger and Lion, with pure food they become habituated to eat impure food, we shall understand.

Hence, Killing a living being and appeasing the hungry of other living beings is not agreeable to Gods. It shall be verily understood as non-Compassion for Living Beings.

The happiness attainable through the instrument of Compassion for Living Beings are of two kinds namely Non-Supreme (Apara) and Supreme happiness (para).


Non supreme happiness is one which is wrought through the redressal of distress caused by Desire etc. they are the pleasures enjoyed in this world.

*[Seven constituents of Body are i).Serum ii).Blood iii).Semen iv).Brains, Marrow v).Flesh vi).Bone and vii).Skin].


36) What are they, if asked?

The happiness appearing in the face of people from their heart, when they, were given clothes to put on, shelter to live-in, land for cultivation, partner to give company, and materials to do as they please when they were suffering without clothes to put on, shelter to live-in, land for cultivation, partner to give company, and materials like different implements to do as they please and out of compassion and the happiness of people on their happiness, are extraordinary in God’s perception and consummate in the perception of Living beings it shall be understood as the happiness of this world. (Non-Apara)


The happiness wrought out of redressing the distress of Hunger is known as supreme happiness . They are accomplishment of pleasure, Accomplishment of religious and abstinent meditation and accomplishment of spiritual knowledge and final emancipation from mortal existence and the attainment of eternal beatitude. The total happiness brimming internally and externally in the living beings at the moment when their Hunger is appeased by people with compassion, when the living beings have become exhausted without food to eat, and the happiness of people internally and externally on seeing such happiness are considered to be supreme happiness as the same is consummate to God the associate of Soul.


People who are under *distress of clothes, shelter, land, company, and material may be able to tolerate by their will power and live to pursue their pursuits, but when they suffer out of Hunger, they may not be able to tolerate through their will power. If they start tolerating, they will die.

*[The twelve causes of pain or distress . 1 . Heat or fire, 2 . Cold, 3 . Thunderbolt, 4 . Water, 5 . Wind, 6 . Weapons, 7 . Poisons, 8.Medicines, 9.Hunger, 10.Thirst, 11.Disease, 12.Malice]


When the Hunger haunts parents, sell their children, children sell their parents, wife is sold by husband, the husband is sold by wife and the brave men to redress the distress caused by Hunger it is needless to express that they will sell their house, auction, land and belongings which are not intimate to appease their Hunger.

When Hunger comes even the great emperor who rules the whole world disowns the power of rule and expresses in mild tone “what to do there is Hunger?” complains to his ministers nearby.

Even the gallant warrior, holding the pierced arrow removed from the chest shot by enemy in his hand and can win all the enemies bravely in a minute, when encounters Hunger, loses his health and afraid of Hunger pleads the men nearby “ How to fight I will be fatigued?”.

The Gnanis who have renounced the pleasures of this world and that of heaven completely treating them as mean, the Yogis who had attained renunciations realising the true knowledge, Yogis who are in their deep meditations controlling their senses and fixing their Mind in unison, the Siddhas who have great power to give life even to dead, Munis, Tapasis, when Hunger haunts them, leave their principle objective and move towards other villages for alms. When they are unable to get alms their Mind gets shattered.

Note : [Tapasi – ascetics, mendicants, who are undertaking penance and religious austerities, Siddha – Supernals inhabiting the intermediate region between the earth and the sun, one of eighteen classes of celestial hosts, Gnani – devotee of advanced type adopting the highest of the four fold means of salvation, who is ripe in knowledge and wisdom, the path considered as the most advanced of the four fold means of salvation – Sariyai, Kiriyai, Yogam And Gnanam, Yogi – A contemplative sage, who performs religious and abstinent meditation keeping body in a fixed posture, Muni – Ascetics, hermits who practice austerities and undergo bodily mortifications.]


The honourable men who will prefer to give up their life even if there is a humiliation in their dream, when Hunger haunts, express even to the undesirables and lose their honour.

The deep orthodox people in caste and creed, also when Hunger haunts them, they forget their orthodox customs and expect food.

The expert performers, who are rich in their knowledge and have understood the niceties of rare features also lose their intellects and thought and tumble when Hunger haunts them.

Even the lascivious who have pleasure in sex irrespective of day and night, when Hunger haunts them forget the pleasure of sex, deter the lust and become shattered.

Even the worst egotist who are proud of themselves as ‘ we are big, none is bigger than us’, when Hunger haunts their ego is shattered and hail the men who give food as great.

Even the pompous that extend hospitality in many more ways in an occasion, when Hunger haunts them lose their pomp and faint. If it be the case of those people what about the poor folk who have no food of any kind, what type of agony will they not face?. At that moment if food is available to them, what would be the kind of happiness to them?

What type of gain the men who gave food and happiness would get?. It should be understood that it is beyond words of expression.


The clarity of knowledge dwindles in living beings when Hunger escalates. When it dwindles, the aspect of God, the intellect of intellect is blocked. When it is blocked “purush” one of the powers of the Soul slackens. When it slackens the fundamental operative energy of the Soul (Prakriti) becomes dull. When it becomes dull, all the Gunas, the three humors vary. The Mind tramples and becomes shattered. Buddhi the


intellect gets spoiled. Cit, the universal consciousness agitates; Ahankara, the empirical Ego is destroyed. The Soul revolves the five elements, become indignant, the three humors indicating acid humors (Vatam), Bilious(Pitham) and phlegmatic(Slethumam) change their positions. The Eye becomes glossy and goes deep. The ears become deaf; the tongue dries up and become parched, the nose becomes tender and burns, the skin wrinkles and loses its sense, legs and hands become weak and vacillate, the tone changes and words tremble, the teeth weakens, the excretory organs become soft ended; the body is tanned, the hair becomes lopped, the veins become slack and shrunk, the pulses disintegrate and gets dismayed, the bones get emaciated and the joints become loosened, the heart burns, the brain shrinks, the semen gets heated up and dries, the liver gets emaciated, the blood and serum gets dried up, the flesh slackens and loses its Nature, the stomach becomes terrified due to burning, anguish and fatigue by and by increases. More and more symptoms and experiences of nearing death appear. The occurrence of all these distresses due to Hunger is common to all living beings. All these sufferings leave once food is available and hungry is appeased. At that time, the aspect of Nature blossom, the heart becomes cool, the intellect emerges, and the aspect of God shoots out and the incomparable happiness of satisfaction happens.

Which virtue can be said as equal to this virtue which creates happiness like this? To which God can be said as equal to the virtuous who perform this virtue? It should be verily understood as the Aspect of God which is greater than all deities.

Hence it is understood that the distress wrought by Hunger is the compound of all sufferings in Hell, suffering of Birth and Death and the happiness of satisfaction which is the happiness of celestial which is ever found externally and internally, in the center, bottom, upper and sides and is never changing at all times.



If there is no Hunger living beings may not expect mutually each other in search of food . When there is no expectation no acts of assistance prevails; when that does not prevail, Compassion for Living Beings does not present, when it is not there, there won’t be God’s grace available. Hence Hunger also is to be known as an assisting tool offered.

What would be the kind of happiness during the period of consumption of food, if the living beings do not attain the happiness even if they find, mother, father, wife, children, field, lands, Gold and Gems than finding food, when they are distressed by Hunger? Hence one shall understand the Nature of food as the aspect and manifestation of God only.


1) “Compassion for Living Beings” is putting down the fire of hungry burning violently in the body of the poor.

2) ) “Compassion for Living Beings” is protecting the light intellect of the poor, by the poisonous wind, hungry by providing food.

3) “Compassion for Living Beings” is to preserve the temple of body of living beings which is the manifest of God’s Nature when they all are destroyed due to hungry by providing food to such temples.

4) “Compassion for Living Beings” is to provide food and save the complete family of organs of living beings living in the bodies to attain the happiness of God, which are in the brink of destruction by their disposition.

5) “Compassion for Living Beings” is to kill the tiger, Hunger pouncing upon the poor living beings and about to kill and save such living beings.

6) “Compassion for Living Beings” is to relieve the poison of Hunger by feeding food when they are swooned by the poison of Hunger affecting senses.


7) “Compassion for Living Beings” is to remove the malignance of Hunger, the scorpion entering the stomach and stung causing distress, by food to such poor.

8) “What to do the devil of Hunger which killed us halfway yesterday day and night may come today also? What to do?” “Compassion for Living Beings ´is to remove the vexation of the poor Living Beings.

9) “The sun is on the rise. Now Hunger the distress will haunt. What to do with this state of fate?” the poor living beings are bewildered like a fallen fly on honey, and the compassion for living beings means to remove the bewilderment,

10) “Now it is getting dark. Where to go in search of food? What to do?’ “Compassion for Living Beings ´is to redress the deep anxiety of poor living beings who are anxious about that.

11) “We walked and walked and the legs are tired . Begged and begged the tongue is tired; thinking and thinking of it the Mind is tired. Now what to do for this wretched stomach?” “Compassion for Living Beings ´is to wipe out the tears of the living beings by providing food to them.

12) “The day is gone; Hunger is tormenting. The pride do not allow us to go to other places, the ego becomes painful to ask others, the stomach burns, we don’t know the means to die , why did we take this body?” the men of honour becomes bewildered as though they have dreamt of an ill omen, with Mind and face grieved, with no words to express and “Compassion for Living Beings” is to provide food and save their honour.

13) “Had we in our past birth, redressed the distress of Hunger by understanding the symptoms, in this birth some others may identify our symptoms and endeavour to appease Hunger; we had not done so and there is nobody to do for us “debating like this with no sleep, the poor living beings under distress shall be given food redress the distress and allow them to sleep is the “Compassion for Living Beings”.


14) The “Compassion for Living Beings” is to extinct the fire of Hunger to the spiritualists, who have wild fire of Hunger in their abdomen and lie down to sleep like men whose veins have surfaced on the complete body due to Hunger and not make an attempt to request even when they are lean and pulses have subdued and think of God and God alone and lie down on fire to sleep.

15) “How to starve today also as of yesterday? Though we strive to starve of our youth, what shall we do for the wife who cannot tolerate Hunger? It is not that much important of her Hunger, our parents because of their old age may die if continue to starve. What to do for that? How to face the tired face of children, weeping repeatedly of Hunger? ’ The “Compassion for Living Beings” is to feed the poor living beings, who think like that with fire of Hunger, fire of Fear, fire of anxiety inside like the fire glowing with the bellows of the blacksmith and with their hands supported on chin and with eyes suffused with tears.

16) “People with no deformity, Eyes, hands, legs and are capable of earning their food also are lying with distress of Hunger, for people like us, blind, deaf, dumb and deformed which is the source of getting food? How will the hungry be appeased?” For the poor people think like that individually and suffer. Appeasing the Hunger by feeding is the Compassion for Living Beings.

17) Compassion for Living Beings is to feed people and the distress of Hunger irrespective of country, religion, caste and profession. Without discriminating the pattern of country, religion, caste, understanding the manifest of God is prevalent in all living beings and redress their hungry.

18) Compassion for Living Beings like animals, birds, reptiles and vegetations when they encounter hungry and is to feed the living beings with sattva food amenable to association true creed (Sanmarka) and appease hungry.


19) Compassion for Living Beings, the cause for redressal of distress caused by Hunger to living beings suffering from Hunger though bestowed with the knowledge to acquire the worldly rights to redress their Hunger, suffer because of their past deeds of demerits and carelessness, is the key with which the doors of heaven to be opened, enter and live happily with never dying pleasure.

Hence the householders who have earned the key to the Blissful house of Compassion for Living Beings, without the assistance of sariyai, kiriyai, yogam and gnanam , reach the house never attained, open that house, enter and live as everlasting blessed Souls.

The mendicants, the devotees and sages who are going on pilgrimage to temples, Holy dip in water sources, resting in Holy shrines, Worshipping of Holy men, Singing songs in praise, muttering incantations, Fasting, Oblations, Adoration of God, contemplative sages(Yogis) who have renounced food, sleep and affiliation of senses who have controlled their senses keep their Mind fixed and in meditation, the Siddhas who have extraordinary realisation, Gnani who has understood the difference between Eternal and Evanescent and renounced all the bondages and has the knowledge of Supreme Being and all these if they have not earned the Key of Compassion for Living Beings, will climb up and down to reach near the Heaven and except to return to earn the Key, will not open the doors and enter and will not live attaining Bliss, one shall understand.

Hence for all realised living beings, Compassion for Living Beings, alone is worship of God. Moreover the house holders, who adopt Compassion for Living Beings. and enjoy the fruits of actions done by them in former births and company of wife like worldly pleasures, will be favourable in toto of Omnipotent God.

Without Compassion for Living Beings, those who perform Gnana, Oblation, Penance, Fasting, Muttering of


incantations and Meditation cannot become a subject to God’s Grace; they shall not be considered as spiritually illumined; all acts without Compassion for Living Beings are to be known as useless magical tricks only.

All the living beings are manifests of God’s Nature. God’s grace is prevalent in their own places, the householders who are capable of feeding little to their mother, father, wife, children, and assistants, deserting their family members like mother, father, wife, children, and assistants, and feeding others and feeding their own family members deserting the people who approached them with Hunger are not acceptable to Gods.

Hence the householder shall be tenacious and appease the hungry of both the sides, the householders who with lesser means shall take care of their family only and appease the hungry of their family members only and shall endeavour with compassion to appease the hungry of the people approach them with the assistance of others, the affluent house holders in accordance with their earning shall appease the hungry of mother, father, wife, children, assistants, relatives, friends, guests, elderly, slaves, neighbours and enemies and the animals earned to assist them like cow, oxen, buffallo, goat, horse and vegetation and create happiness of satisfaction.

The expenses on marriages, Birthday parties, offering to deities and like rituals, past times and different festivities of pride can be reduced and on occasions like marriages feed the hungry poor and create happiness of excellence. If done so, it shall verily be understood that such people will get manifold happiness than the people who were appeased.

The householder, when they were engaged in marriage like special occasions, decorated the festive shed, conducting various rituals , musical, dance performances, presents and processions like past times, festivities of pride like various kinds of flour made food varieties, mixture of boiled rice varieties like tamarind rice and will be extremely joyous but


would not have the Mind to look at the hungry face of poor. During such joyous occasions an accident may happen either to themselves or to their children or their assistants. At that time they lose all the joy and suffer, when they are under distress like this, the decorated shelter, and rituals of anti-positive injunction, vocal, dance, musicals, presents, procession like past times, festivities of pride like various kinds of flour made food varieties, mixture of boiled rice varieties like tamarind rice have not prevented such dangers. If they had fed the hungry living beings in such occasions and appeased the their Hunger and had made them to exhibit the Aspect of God internally and externally in their face and happiness of God at that moment verily redress the danger and exhibit the radiance and happiness. Is it not ?

Hence it should be understood that it is important to appease the Hunger of the hungry according to their capability and increase happiness of satisfaction in such special occasions like marriage.

1) If the householder suffering from incurable Diseases like arthritis complaints, Chronic enlargement of spleen and Leprosy, if they take a vow to appease the Hunger of the hungry, that resolution of Compassion for Living Beings will act as a good medicine and cure the Diseases and provide special relief is the truth.

2) The householders who are not blessed with children, adapting

different kinds of vow and suffering, if resolves to appease the Hunger of the hungry according to their capability, such resolution of Compassion for Living Beings will create knowledgeable progeny to them is the Truth.

3) The Householder understanding by indications, their life is premature and afraid of death , if they accept to appease the Hunger of the hungry according to their capability, such resolution of Compassion for Living Beings will create longevity of Life is the Truth.


4) The householders who are worried about their education, knowledge, wealth and comforts, if they accept as a vow to appease the Hunger of the hungry that adaptation of Compassion for Living Beings will generate education, Knowledge, wealth and comforts is the truth.

5) For the householders the vow to appease the Hunger of the hungry, sun will not scorch in summer, the soil will not be hot and the evils like heavy rains, wild wind, thick snow, thunderbolt and wild fire will not harm. Their incurable Diseases like small pox, polluted air and deadly fever will not occur. These householders of compassion will not be perturbed by inundation of rivers, thieves and enemies. They will not be disregarded by deities and kings.

In the fields of householders with compassion, without much effort the yield will be manifold. There will be uninterrupted profits in the business, promotions in the profession with no omission, will be surrounded by relatives and servants, and will not be threatened by wild animals, harmful creatures, wicked ghosts, and malignant deities.

Verily, no danger of any kind will happen due to carelessness and destiny to the householders with Compassion for Living Beings.

Appeasing the hungry of the Hunger and creating happiness, the resolution of the highest order of Compassion for Living Beings should be understood as an order of the God to be practised by celestials, men, the religious bachelor, householders, sages, mendicants, males, females, elders, youth, great men and downtrodden.

It should be understood to follow the path of Compassion for Living Beings understanding, in the matter appeasing the hunger of the hungry if husband is interrupted by wife, wife is interrupted by husband, the children are interrupted by father, father is interrupted by children, disciple is interrupted by preceptor, servitor is interrupted by God,


citizens are interrupted by king, the fruits of good of them without any interruption by such interruption will reach them only not other places, should be believed truly and follow the path of Compassion for Living Beings.

As a matter of fact, the moment we think of feeding the living beings under distress of hungry, the Mind of the virtuous renouncing all bondages will be of pure intellectual faculties, those virtuous men shall be known as “Yogis” only truly. They shall be known as “Gnanis” as they feed people with hospitality as they thought and feel happy when they eat assuming as they themselves are eating. They shall be known as those who have seen the God and may be enjoying the happiness of God and Blissful, as they are enjoying the manifest of God and happiness of satisfaction which is happiness of God personally witness with perfect sight, in the people who have taken food and the Soul of appeased at that moment found filled externally, internally, in the middle and sides and the principles of pure intellectual faculties become cool and spread luxuriantly throughout the body and found fullness of countenance.

As those who have consumed to appease their hungry consider these virtuous men as God, it is truly to be understood them as God.

It shall be sworn on the Omnipotent Lord Almighty, that those men of uprightness have redressed their distress of living beings who are with Compassion for Living Beings from Hunger, whatever caste they may belong, whatever religion they may belong, whatever profession they may profess, they are worth to be worshipped by the celestials, sages, Yogis and Siddhas.

The details of this “ Canons of Compassions of Living Beings” shall be found in “Samarasa Vedham”



Great Effulgence of Grace ! Great Effulgence of Grace! Grand Compassion unique! Great Effulgence of Grace !

First part of Sanmarka Vilakkam (Association of the True Creed)


The Ambrosial pot of Tiruvarutpa


Part -2

Those who have taken the highest birth of as Human beings shall identify the great spiritual happiness to be attained fast by this birth during its existence and shall attain the same.

I. If required to understand as to how many types of that “Great Life of Spiritual Happiness “are three:

1. Life of Happiness in this World.

2. Life of Happiness in Future births.

3. Life of Supreme Happiness.

1) Life of Happiness in this World

Bestowed with small bodily organs of action, with little effort, enjoying sensual pleasures for some time should be known as “Life of Happiness in this World (Birth)”

Gain of Profit of Happiness in this world

Gain of Profit of Happiness in this world shall be understood as in this birth of human beings with the deficiencies in the body, senses, universal and comforts with benign intellect, with no interruptions due to sickness, Hunger, Killing, with affiliation to friends and relatives, foes, wife of soft character who can give birth to progeny and living pleasure of active organs for some time.


What is the greatness of people who have attained Happiness of this world (Birth)?

It should be understood as Living with fame enjoying the happiness of sense organs through his own hard work , with benign qualities of love compassion,Discipline,Modesty, Patience, Veracity and perfection.

2) Eternal life of happiness.

What is the life of happiness in heaven? if asked;

Eternal life of happiness is the enjoyment of Great things for many days with macro body with great efforts in the birth of greatness.

Gain of Eternal life of happiness.

Gain of Eternal life of happiness is to be understood as the birth of happiness for long in the higher plain with pure attributes with the highest order of birth with all the benevolent characteristics as attributed in this gain of worldly happiness.

What is the greatness of people who have gained the happiness of Heaven? If asked;

It is leading the life of fame enjoying the virtuous Happiness as Desired uninterruptedly with the noble characteristics of Love and Compassion.

3) What is the life of Eternal Bliss?

Enjoying that matchless great happiness of consummate Nature of the consummate manifestation of Nature, The God,who is the consummate manifestation of the Nature.

The fruits of Supreme Divine Bliss

To become everything in oneself.


What is the greatness of people who have attained Eternal Bliss ? If asked;

The body with impure organs like skin, veins, bones, flesh, blood and semen and the cause of which is the impurities of impure prakriti is converted as the immortal body which is pure as inestimable carrot of Gold*, not only appear like gold, the pure body of pranava untouched like the sky, not only in appearance but also blessed with a body of Gnosis.

Underneath earth the body cannot be ruined by hardness of soil, Externally if it is pelted by soil and stones, they cannot attack their frame; they cannot be cooled down by cold water internally, externally if they are immersed in water, their frame shall not immerse, internally they cannot be burnt by the heat of Fire, externally even if burnt no heat or scar appears in their body, internally they cannot be shaken by the velocity of the wind, externally wind cannot touch and shake their frame; internally meeting of sky cannot make them lonely, externally the sky cannot make them helpless; their body can move not only with life force but also without it.

Their faculties of perfection (Karanendrayas) like eyes and speech (Voice )like faculties of action are not bonded by activities like seeing and speaking.

*I prayed unto Him to give me

An Eternal body, Non destructible by Air,Earth, Atmosphere,Fire,Water Sun ,Yama,Diseases, Tools of Murder

The planets, the cruel deeds that terminate life And others, He gave me immediately.

Thou shall not deem it as inferior Ye! Men to accept Thou shalt merge with my Father
Great effulgence of Grace, the God.

– Tiruvarutpa Canto VI


Out of compassion if they have to endure the hindrances like wall and hill they do not veil the eyes. In this world and in the worlds beyond this sphere internally and externally, their eyes can see from the place where they are. In this world and in the worlds beyond this sphere internally and externally, wherever spoken their ears can hear from the place where they are, their tongue can taste the taste in any place, their body can sense the touch wherever it is, their nose can smell the fragrance, from anywhere from their place. Their hands can offer assistance from wherever they are, their legs can walk from their place anywhere; they can speak with anybody at anywhere with their mouth, other organs can enjoy from their own place, their Mind like faculties are not bonded by any matter. If they affiliate due to compassion they will be able to discriminate the merits and demerits of all living beings within a minute in unison and will determine with due enquiry. Their intellect does not cognise anything, if they begin to cognise by Compassion, all universes, all living beings, all characteristics, all experiences, all fruits within a minute in unison, they are with no attributes, they are not internally distorted due to three principles in Nature(Satva, Rajas, Tamas). Externally these principles donot bond with senses, they are not closed internally by material world (Prakriti), internally they cannot be discriminated by component of Time, externally their Holy body cannot be disrupted, internally they cannot be measured by component of Space, Externally their body cannot be limited by space; moreover they cannot have the components of Nature (Tatvas) like Time (KAALAM), Material knowledge(Viththai), Passion(Ragam), self consciousness(Purudan ), and others and also matters pertaining to them; they are not perturbed by Illusion(Maya), they will transcend Suddha Maya (Active or pure spiritual energy- Super Conscious realm )and upon that remain as Embodiment of Knowledge.


They cannot be obstructed by food, sleep, sex, and Fear. Their bodies don’t suffer from the impurities of shadow (Chayai), perspiration, dirt, hoary, wrinkles, ageing, and death. Their bodies shall not suffer by snow, rain, thunder, sun, giants, demons, goblins, devils, celestials, hermits, human beings and inhabitants of hell, animals, birds, reptiles, and vegetations, at any place and at any time. They cannot be injured by sword and knife. Their body can visualise micros as universe and universe as micros, rising the dead to life, converting the aged as youth like miraculous powers of Karma, Powers of Yoga and powers or Gnana will prevail uninterruptedly in their abode, the moment they decide, Creation, Sustenance and Destruction, with holding knowledge and bestowing grace like activities take place. All the five Gods will perform their duties like Creation, Sustenance, Destruction, withholding knowledge and bestowing grace (Mukhthi) the moment they think of it, their knowledge will be of Almighty. Their activities will be of God’s, their experiences will be that of Gods. They shall be of Omnipotent and destruction less forever, will be bereft of three impurities of Ego, Kanmam and Illusion and their after effects. They will be personification of magnificent grace, even a dead straw will spring to life and perform all the Five functions. Their Greatness will be present in all the six philosophies (Vedanta, Siddhantha, Kalantha, Bodhantha,Nadhantham and Yogantha) and will be present even beyond them. It should be understood that these are the greatness of people who have attained Eternal Bliss.

II. By which means these three lives of happiness of gain can be obtained-if required to understand-

The manifest of God’s Nature is with the prodigy of Grace and consummation of Grace this can be obtained


III. Which of these three happiness can be attained with the prodigy of Grace? Which can be attained with “Consummation of Grace”-if required to understand-

The fruits of this world and fruits of the world beyond the sphere of this world- both these can be attained through the prodigy of Grace, the Eternal Bliss of happiness can be attained with consummation of Grace-it is to be understood.

IV. What is the Nature of “Grace” the manifest of God’s Nature- if required to understand-

It is the Nature of speaker’s speech, thought of the thinker, search of the seeker, experience of the experienced, the Nature of consummation of grace which presents the presence of all powerful Nature as his “Prodigious Nature”.

V. If it is required to understand as to where does this Grace exist:

It does exist at all places and at all times like that place the seer sees and seen, the place where the listener listens and listened, the place where the taster tastes and tasted, the place where the smeller smells and smelt, the place of companion’s company and united, the place the speaker speaks and spoken, the place the doer does and done, the place the walker walks and walking place, the place of the renouncer renounces and the place of renouncement, the place the thinker thinks and the place of thinking, the place the discerner discerns and place of discernment, the place the determined determines and the place of determination, the place where the inducer gets induced and the place of inducement, where the seeker seeks and the place of seeking, the place where the enjoyer enjoys and the place of enjoyment

VI. By which means the Grace can be attained if required to understand:

It should be understood as “Through Compassion for all Living Beings”.


VII.If required to understand as to how The Grace be attained Through Compassion for Living Beings :

Grace means God’s manifest of God‘s Nature or God’s Compassion for Living Beings means manifest of Soul’s Nature or the compassion of Souls. Therefore attaining bigger manifest with smaller manifest which is an instrument of union and receiving greater compassion with a little sympathy is possible as a larger fire can be kindled by a smaller ignition.

With this it shall be understood the path of Compassion for Living Beings as the “Association of True Creed (Sanmarkam)”.

Love and Knowledge manifest together, ‘when compassion for all living beings’ manifest; with that helping tendency prevails; with that power of helping all benign things appear.

When “Compassion for Living Beings” extinct along with that Love and Knowledge together disappear, with that power to help others disappear, with the extinction of helping power, all Evils appear.

Hence it shall be understood that virtue is only the “Compassion for Living Beings” and the vice is devoid of “Compassion for Living Beings”.

Moreover it shall be understood verily that the manifest of God as only the “Compassion for Living Beings”, the happiness wrought through that is the happiness of God,and the celestial Gnanis who have realised this manifest and happiness for along time and enjoyed the same are only known as man of Bliss (Muktan) who have attained the fruits of Supreme Divine Bliss, and only they have understood God by their knowledge and attained Godhood.


VIII. If required to understand the Definition of “Compassion for Living Beings”:

It is to be understood as to lead a life worshipping God with ardent love which generally happens to Living beings from Living beings

IX. If required to understand as how to worship God with ardent love for Soul in the matter of Living beings:

As the Soul’s ardent love and sympathy appears and appears, the grace, the manifest of God in the Soul comes out as God and as the divine Grace appears, happiness of God is experienced and becomes perfect.

X. If required to understand as to how the Grace, manifest of God in Soul appear as the ardent love for Soul progress:

It should be understood as the appearance of butter when the curd is churned repeatedly and becomes loosened and as the emission of heat when the wood is turned repeatedly.

XI. If required to understand as to how the happiness of God is experienced and becomes perfect due to divine grace:

The perfect and true Nature of butter and heat are experienced as they appear so also the happiness of God is perfect.

XII.If required to understand as to when Soul’s ardent love happens in the matter of living beings to living beings;

It should be understood that Soul’s ardent love happens whenever we the living beings are seen suffering or heard as suffering, and have understood as suffering due to Hunger, Killing, Disease, Threat, Thirst, Fear, Poverty, and Passion (Desire)

1) Hunger means-

It is the primary cause, which is the microcosmic body of varied illusion to expel Soul from the body,which when not received food stays firmly still in stomach and burns the


internal and external organs of the body and shrink the faculties of knowledge.

2) Killing means-

It is the inhuman and unnatural bodily cruel activity, which changes the state of the internal and external multiple organs of the body causing excruciating suffering and disturbance, shrinking the faculty of knowledge and is the moving cause for expelling Soul from the body.

3) Disease(Sickness) means-

The contradictory result of varied illusion of microcosmic body which is the moving cause for expelling Soul from the body which causes changes in the three humors of the body viz Rheumatic, bilious, and phlegmatic resulting in weaknesses of body’s external and internal organs and shrinking the faculty of knowledge.

4) Threat (Danger) means:

The impediments preventing the enjoyment of physical pleasure due to Ego, Forgetfulness and Fate.

5) Fear means:

The trembling caused to organs and intellect when the causes which cause loss to body and other organs occur.

6) Poverty means:

Non possession of aids like education and wealth by one’s own efforts/hereditary rights.

7) Passion(Desire) means:

It is the obsession of the Mind which always broods over the delicacy of pleasures it wants to enjoy.

Foremost, intermediary and last.

Among these, as the Hunger and Killing are obstacles for enjoyment of pleasures of this world and in the spheres beyond it and eternal Bliss, they are foremost.


As Disease, Threat, Thirst, Fear, and poverty cause little obstacles for enjoyment of pleasures of this world and in the spheres beyond it, they are known as intermediary.

As the Passion (Desire) causes little obstacles for enjoyment of pleasures of this world is known as the last obstacle

The great strength of “Compassion for Living Beings”:

XIII. What is The great strength of “Compassion for Living Beings, if required to be understood is;

The great strength of “Compassion for Living Beings” is to take initiative to eradicate the cause which created compassion for living beings due to Hunger and Killing and the living beings donot suffer from that cause.

The use of ‘’ Compassion for Living Beings”.

XIV. If required to know The use of “Compassion for Living Beings”.

Its use is to create happiness to all living beings.

Please see in the third part the Nature, Form, Disposition and Comprehension of “Compassion for Living Beings”



Great Effulgence of Grace ! Great Effulgence of Grace! Grand Compassion unique! Great Effulgence of Grace !

First part of Sanmarka Vilakkam

(Association of the True Creed)


The Ambrosial pot of Tiruvarutpa





1. If required to know the propriety for the Soul’s ardent love i.e. compassion to living come into being:

All the living beings belong to the same group of same propriety as they are manifest of God’s aspect of Nature and are brought to this world with the physical bodies.

When a brother, sees, hears or learns that one of the brethren is under distress of a danger, understanding that his body is his brotherly body and Soul’s ardent love is exhibited as it is the propriety of body, similarly when a living being sees, hears and learns that another living being is in distress due to danger, recognising that living being belongs to the creed of same Soul, Soul’s ardent love to such Soul is the propriety of the Soul, it shall be understood.

2. If required to know as to why some are hard-hearted without compassion even after seeing living beings suffer and do not have spiritual propriety.

As the eyes of spiritual knowledge which is capable of recognising the living being in distress, will be in distress as of his spiritual creed are dim due to ignorance or nescience and such of the assisting tools like Mind i.e spectacles are


unable to reflect due to their thickness it was not possible to see. It should be understood that though there was propriety of Soul, there was no Compassion for Living Beings.

3) If required to know as to where from the power for this Souls ardent love known as Compassion for Living Beings:

It should be understood as the place from where the remedy to remove the obstacles which caused compassion among Hunger, Disease and Killing.

4. If it is required to as to what is reply for living beings who ask “The distress caused due to Hunger, Killing and Disease are only physical experience of Mind and eyes like organs and not spiritual experience . Therefore, there is no special benefit out of Compassion for Living Beings” :

In this body except the Soul and the manifest of God, the intellect of intellect other elements of Nature like our organ of sense or body (Indhiriyam – or what is with difficulty restrained by the Soul. There are three kinds of sensual organs, viz. Those of perception, those of action and the intellectual organs. Gnanendriyam, Karmendriyam and Anthakaranam) and intellectual faculties (karanam) are only stupid organs and not the intelligent Soul. Hence pain and pleasures can be enjoyed only by intelligent Souls and not by stupid organs (elements). Intellectual faculty like Mind and Indriyas like eyes are only components of a small house built by the grace of God. Pain and pleasure can be understood only by the dweller of the house and not by its components, like mud, stones, wood, pillar, fire and water.

Moreover, when the vision of the sight is blurred due to cataract and seen through the spectacles, an assisting tool, whenever distressed matters are seen, only the eyes shed tears and not the spectacles. Hence, the assisting tools for spiritual experience like “Mind cannot experience pain and pleasure, we shall understand”.


5. If it is required to know as to what is the reply for people, who ask “when a living being experiences pleasure the Mind is happy; when there is distress, the Mind suffers, can we not understand as to the Mind is experiencing pain and pleasure”.

As the health and weariness of a land lord in a glass house is reflected in the house and appears outside, the freshness and weariness of the eyes are reflected in the spectacles and appear outside, the happiness and weariness the Soul experiences in pain and pleasure are reflected in the sensory organs like Mind and eyes and are externally visible.

Moreover, when a lamp lit in house is brighter, that house and the components of the house look very bright, when the light of the lamp simmers, the house and the things inside the house also look dim. Hence, it is valid knowledge to consider that pain and pleasure are not experienced by Mind but experience of the Soul, sensory perceptions are only assisting tools, is the reply.

6. If asked as to why many living beings created by God suffer heavily due to Hunger, Killing and Disease :

As they without resorting to the path of Compassion for Living Beings in their previous body, with cruel Mind followed the path of evil, and as per the graceful orders of the God, they are suffering severely due to Hunger, Killing and Disease. It shall be understood.

7. If asked as to how a previous body existed :

A house holder who came to live in a house on rental, was living in a rented house earlier except that was not living without a house, if there is disturbance in this house, he will go to some other house, if he builds a house independently for him, he will not resort to go on rental, as we understand the Soul which came to this body by paying food as wages, was living in another body by paying wages and would not have


lived without body. If there is disturbance in this body, it is to be understood that it will go to some other body and shall not go to some other body, when it assumes an astral body independently and permanently.

8. If it is to know as to why people argue in different ways that people have not assumed any body earlier and will not take any body in future, the body dweller also extinct once the body is destroyed, some may get liberation, some may enjoy the fruits of virtues and vices and some may remain without body at the place where the body got destroyed.

It should be understood that, that they belong to the materialistic religionist belief, who think that body is Soul and enjoyment as liberation and do not know that there is a Soul, the intellect in the body of darkness, and there is a liberation from the bondage, till the liberation due to difference in bondage assume different bodies and they have not understood the truth with the logic of opposition and inference.*

9. If required to know as to how it is not like that :

If living beings attain enjoyment of bodies according to their propriety, they should attain bodies and physical pleasure according to their Desire. Against this, some get bodies without deformity according to their Desire and capable of enjoying pleasure, some take against their Desire bodies with deformity and encounter suffering. Hence, living beings have not attained physical pleasures according to their Desire.

* [There are nine means to acquire knowledge (Piramanam) (1) Pratiyatcam – Opposition (2) Anumanam – inference (3) Uvamanam – Analogy (4) Agamam – Sastras, scriptures (5) Apavam – Non-cognition relied upon as proof of negation (6) Anthapaththim- Assumption of something to account for another thing, which is otherwise unaccountable

(7) Anupalatti – Inference of the absence of one thing from the absence of something else. (8) Campavam – statement relating to the properties of natural objects, physical facts, etc. (9) Aitikam – evidence or authority from tradition and there is no ground of reference or belief, reasoning and experience for their belief or principles.]


If it is natural, Nature should be uniform without difference at all times and as this is not being similar and of different types, it is not natural.

If it is the Desire of the God, as the God is with mercy and justice, for all living beings uniform enjoyment of pleasure only shall be given. As it is not so it is not the Desire of God.

If should be logically understood as they have not followed and practised the rules and regulations for enjoyment of pleasure of the Nature in the first birth of God’s mercy in this first creation as they transgressed their path and according to beginning less, pre-disposition in the present life due to the experience of a former birth (Anathi Mala Vasana) multiples of births happened in the second creation.

If it is construed that a different body is not assumed when a body is lost, there is no count of bodies destructed right from the first creation, similarly no count of Souls ; Hence Soul should not assume a body – it is not so – many are continuing to take bodies. If Souls are to be created new and creating bodies newly for them, new new bodies only can be created. The Soul in a body cannot be created new.


Soul is ever present was explained. It is never born and never dies. It can never be created nor destroyed. If Souls are to be created like pots, they cannot experience pain and pleasure, they cannot attain virtue and sins, they will destroy as that of a pot. If it is destroyed, there is no liberation of bondage, virtues and sins. Hence, even the children know that when the pot is broken, the ether and sky in the pot is not broken. Hence, it should be understood by inference as true that when the body is destroyed the manifest of Soul and manifest of God inside is not destroyed and according to the variation of efforts of the Soul, difference in enjoyment of Physical pleasures. At a point of time, twins are born to a father and mother. Among them one is fair and the other is black ; one is with physical deformity and the other is with no


deformity, one takes mother’s milk and the other vomits if takes milk, one is sick and the other is with no sickness, one speaks at two years and the other is unable to speak. If we introspect, as to how the differences have occurred without any reason, we can understand as the acts of the body in the past births, at the age of three, when the parents had given eatables separately for the twins and eating while playing, and if they see some other child comes, among these one gives the eatable to the other child and the other obstructs it not to give, one child takes the book and reads as a school child and the other snatches the book, throws out and beats up not to read, one is Fearful and the other is not Fearful. If we introspect as to how these children possess and not possess compassion, love, knowledge and activities at the time when not taught by parents, it should be understood as the predisposition in his present life due to the experience of a past birth. If it is understood like this, bodies are there for living beings earlier and afterwards. As they are not able to understand like this, they claim to have no birth.

Moreover the physical body even before destruction, in the dreams the Soul assumes different bodies and enjoys so many different strange experiences. It is not necessary to state that this body is destroyed, will assume other bodies and enjoy the experience in conformity with the deeds of the past. Moreover by the miraculous powers if one can enter into other body leaving the body it is needless to state that the Soul will enter into other body in conformity with its past deeds, when this body perishes.

Moreover as a bird by the variation of time and disposition(Gunas)* from an Egg ,in the body of first and enters as chick in another body, the Soul by the discordance in Karma(actions of a previous birth, good or evil, entailed on the Soul and resulting in the enjoyments and sufferings of the present or a future state, fate, destiny) it is needless to state that the Soul will enter into other body from this body.

* {Properties , Functional Powers or Principles in Nature-operative in all sentient beings the source of Disposition (Tattvas)}


Moreover if a wasp can take the body of a canker, a worm, it is needless to state that the Soul will enter into other body from this body by the discordance in Karma.

Moreover, if a Soul can in a single birth take the body of child, into the body of youth, and from the body of youth into an aged; it is needless to state that the Soul will enter into other body from this body by the discordance in Karma can come into a microcosmic body.

Moreover due to discordance in mantra and tantra in a birth if Soul can come into the body of a male from a female body and into female body from a male body, it is needless to state that the Soul will enter into other body from this body by the discordance in Karma.

Moreover from the body of a vegetation, this Soul comes into the body of an emerald larva and an ant from its body comes into the body of an emmet and a snake comes into the body of Sarpa Paschi(Snakebird). Similarly if the Souls in respective bodies of human beings, animals, birds, reptiles, water borne vegetation take different bodies from the same body, it is needless to state that Soul will enter into other body from this body when they perish.

10) If it is to be known as to what is the answer for those who ask if a previous body were existing is truth who was he and what was his history:

If a seventy year old is asked as to what was the series of events when he was five years old, he would say,

“I blink as to what has happened yesterday due to avastha( The most comprehensive study of the science of consciousness. It Expounds the various levels of consciousness, states of consciousness, Nature of consciousness at each level, the Nature of truth at each level of consciousness and methods to attain those levels – avastha traya – the three states of consciousness, namely Waking, Dream and Sleep) how is it


possible for me to narrate the series of events at the age of five? How can you ask me like that? If one is bewildered to narrate the events of this birth due to differences in Avasthas, how can he recollect and narrate the events of past birth when we are in bewilderment due to differences in Avasthas?” is the answer.

If it is to understand as how Karmas (Results of action) of virtue and sin comes into the body, if a householder had been in bad company of wicked men in the previous dwelling, the same wicked men will follow him and be in company when he transfers to some other dwelling. Similarly if a Soul in its previous body had willingly done acts of sins, the results of such acts follows when the Soul takes another body. This is the way of acts of virtue also. We shall understand.

If it is asked as to what is the reply for a simple question whether redressal of distress of living beings by providing food and others out of compassion, is not against the judgement of the God, when God has punished such of them with the distress of Hunger and Thirst for their transgressions from the path of compassion to evil life, the king provides food through his servants for grave criminals who in are chained in their legs and are in prison for disobeyal of his orders completely. Similarly God also provides food for the sinners who were imprisoned for various transgressions of God’s orders in hell with his attendant deities, the God in order to teach a lesson for the ordinary criminals removes them from service and prevents benefits from him and transfers them to some other place. As they have lost their job, they lose the livelihood including food, and roam around in search of food and others and suffer. At this time, the people with compassion offer them food. When the king sees and hears the same becomes happy with the householder with compassion and treats them with hospitality and donot become angry with them. Similarly in the matter of living beings who have disobeyed His orders to a smaller extent, God with His powers prevents them in enjoying


the pleasures of his stature and deprives him of the comforts of the world, and when they suffer in different places for want of food and other things, the compassionate on seeing the suffering offer them food and other things. He considers such of the good compassionate in high esteem, Bless them for further comforts and not be angry with them. Hence it is to be understood, on the orders of the God on living beings, it is acceptable to God to be compassionate with living beings and help them, is the truth is the reply.

Morality of this world exist only due to the Compassion for Living Beings. If not, not even an iota of morality will exist, when there is no Compassion for Living Beings exist, the knowledge and love donot appear, kindness, constancy and benefaction donot appear. When they donot exist, the pursuits of ordinary living beings are prevented and extinct by the jealousy like things of mighty people. Then the way of living of the mighty also becomes inactive due to pride and extinct. (Tamas-quality of dullness, ignorance, delusion, inactivity, inertia, sloth- the third of the three gunas of matter).The morality of this world is not prevalent in the jungles where the non-compassionate ferocious animals like Tiger, Lion and others live. Similarly it is to be understood in the place where people without Compassion for Living Beings live, the morality of the world donot exist.

Heavenly order of living also exists due to Compassion for Living Beings. Without that Heavenly order of living God head also does not exist. Manifest of grace donot appear in the absence of Compassion for Living Beings. When it does not appear God hood doesn’t materialise. When it does not materialise no one will ever attain the pleasure of Eternal Bliss. When it is not attained, it should be understood, that heavenly order will not exist.

As the Compassion for Living Beings is not followed largely, wicked people have grown large in number and evil practices are


latent. The sinful living being without compassion in their earlier bodies, at par with their acts of sins, they have taken birth as dwellers of hell, some as dwellers of ocean, some as dwellers of forest and some as cruel animals like Tiger, Bear, Lion, Yali (A fabulous animal like a lion with a proboscis, possibly the mammoth) Elephant, Ram, Pig, Dog and Cat and some as mean birds like Crow and Eagle some as snakes and Scorpions like cruel creatures, some as Crocodiles, Sharks like harsh creatures and some as impure vegetation like. Etti (a poisonous tree-Strychnos- nux -vomica) and Kalli (a type of cactus). Hence it is to understand that evil way of living only largely prevails.

Compassion for Living Beings is not only an essential means to attain the grace of God but also the sole manifest of such Grace. The Compassion for Living Beings is the manifest of Nature of grace, and for such living beings without the manifest of Nature, the manifest of God will not be visible both internally and externally, one shall understand. If it is to be known as to what is the object of “The Compassion for Living Beings”:

The Souls are union of true Nature and are the places of propriety of union for the Grace, the manifest of Nature to be present as intellect of intellect and such Souls to become base living being and to grow large in number, the physical bodies are only responsible and if the Souls donot become living beings and grow large in numbers, the presence of Souls will be blocked. In that blockade manifest of Grace will not be visible, if it is not visible an obscurity or darkness appears, that is the bondage for Souls and hence physical body is essential as Maya* is the prime cause for body, the body may

* (Maya is the principal concept which manifests, perpetuates and governs the illusion and dream of duality in the phenomenal universe. The substance emanated from Brahman through which the world of form is manifested. Hence all creations are termed as Maya. It is the cosmic creative force, the principle of manifestation, even in the process of creation, preservation and dissolution. Denotes to the false identification of atman (Self)) through anatma(Non-Self- consists of body, senses, emotion, Mind and intellect)


encounter dangers often due its aspect of variations like Hunger, Killing, Thirst, Disease, Threat, Fear, Poverty and Passion and to prevent such dangers the living beings have been given perquisites with the knowledge assisted duly by organs of action(Karmendrayas) through their efforts, with utmost care ,with those perquisites the living beings are bound to eradicate such dangers to body and make efforts for spiritual gains, and in the matter of living beings without such perquisites to prevent such dangers caused by Hunger, Killing, Thirst, Disease, Threat, Fear, Poverty and Passion , such living beings with the perquisites to redress such dangers to them out of compassion, and among them redressal of distress caused by Hunger and Killing is the principal out of compassion and redressal of distress caused by others are Compassion for Living Beings of inferior kind and that may cause little happiness of this world, redressal of distress caused by Hunger and Killing is Compassion for Living Beings of supreme kind that will give all the happiness of this world and immeasurable happiness of Siddhi* and never destructible happiness of Mukthi (Mukthi is deliverance from the samsara i.e cycle of birth and death. The condition of freedom from ignorance, Avidya and the binding effect of Karma. Liberation from material existence) through grace, such of those who fail to redress the distress caused to others,through knowledge and perquisites were available, may not have the liberty to enjoy the happiness of this world, heavenly and the liberation and also may lose the current worldly happiness being enjoyed, as it is ordered by God so, the objective of “The Compassion for Living Beings” is to be understood as redressal of distress caused to living beings with no knowledge and perquisites to redress the same, by living beings with knowledge and perquisites to redress such distress without betrayal.

* {Extraordinary powers of the Atma (SELF) developed through consistent meditation or awakened naturally through spiritual maturity and Yogic sadhana}


Though redressal of distress caused by Hunger, Killing, Thirst, Disease, Threat, Fear, Poverty and Passion is the objective of “The Compassion for Living Beings”, if it is required to know as to redressal of distress caused by Hunger and Killing alone is considered as foremost of compassion:

In “The Compassion for Living Beings”, there are two types known as “Para”(Supreme) and “Apara”(inferior).Among these alleviation of Hunger and Elimination of Killing are “Para Jivakarunyam” and others are “Apara Jivakarunyam”. Hence “Para Jivakarunyam” is specially mentioned as Foremost, it should be understood. Moreover people with compassion to alleviate Hunger of Living beings, may not fail to offer water for Thirsty. It is also not difficult to provide water. Water is available in Lakes, ponds and canals.

May Lord Almighty Bless to bring out its continuation.

Third part of Jivakarunya Ozhukkam is completed.

The first part of the principles of Association of the True Creed, “The Canons of Compassion for living Beings” is completed.


1. Yama

Yama is the lord of death in Hinduism, first recorded in the Vedas. Yama belongs to an early stratum of Indo-Iranian theology. In Vedic tradition Yama was considered to have been the first mortal who died and espied the way to the celestial abodes, thus in virtue of precedence he became the ruler of the departed.

“In Hinduism, Yama often is considered as ‘Kala’ or time, for Yama comes in a particular time and that time is naturally selected; nobody can stop his coming and change the timing. That after birth a living body gradually approaches towards death through decay or Disease or because of accident is just


a matter of time or duration of time at the end of which there comes Death. The coming of Death may be delayed by treatment of the patient or the sick person or by the pursuit of a better way of life, but the inevitability of death can never be stopped by any means. That is why Yama is called “Kala’ or time, because the coming of Death is just a matter of time in accordance with the law and system of Nature.”

Yama is also the lord of justice and is sometimes referred to as Dharma, in reference to his unswerving dedication to maintaining order and adherence to harmony.

2. 96 Tatvas

The Body Temple Crumbled; the Ninty-Six Tattvas Fled

The thirty and thirty and thirty-six they say,

They that behind temple walls safely dwelt,

They saw the temple walls crash and crumble,

And all alike, without a trace, thence did melt.

Tirumantiram  -154
The ninety six Tatvas are as under;
1 Elements 5
2 Organs of sense 5
3 Objects of sense 5
4 Organs of action 5
5 Organs of perception 5
6 Intellectual faculties 4
7 Intelligence / Intellect 1
8 Vital airs 10
9 Arteries 10
10 Sheaths or investitures of Soul 5
11 Receptacles for the humor 5
12 Fundamental stations of the Soul 6


13 Regions of the body in which the sun,
moon and fire have their respective influence 3
14 The principles of moral evil has causes of
actions, enjoyments and sufferings. 3
15 Humors of the body 3
16 Chief Desires 3
17 Natural principles 3
18 Predominant passions 8
19 Accumulations of Moral actions 2
20 The Five states or stations of the Soul 5

3) Devas and Asuras

Deva is the Sanskrit word for deity, its related feminine term is devi. In, it modern Hinduism can be loosely interpreted as any benevolent supernatural beings. The devas in Hinduism, also called Suras, are often juxtaposed to the Asuras, their half brothers. Devas are also the maintainers of the realms as ordained by the Trimurti. They are often warring with their equally powerful counterparts, the Asuras.

The Asura are a group of supernatural creatures in Hinduism and Buddhism.

4) Gnani

The Gnani Purush, (Jnani, Gyani are other terms) is one who constantly remains as the Self, the Atma, The Soul. His is the state of swa-parinati, which means he is self-contained and does not need any evidences of the non-Self (par-parinati) for his existence. The Gnani has no Desire for any temporary thing in this world. He is free from inner attraction to gold or women-wealth or sex, fame, honor, respect or disciples or the need to create a religion.

5) Papa and Punya

KARMAS -these are the “punniyam” (merits) and the


“Paavam” (sins) which are the effects of the actions of the Souls by their Minds, by their speech, and by their bodies. During the life time of the birth in which the actions are done they are called by the name “aakhaamiyam”. When the karmas which are “earned” in this manner from birth to birth get attached to “buddhi tattva” (intelligence) and remain in maya till they mature they are called by the name “Chanchitham”. When the matured karmas out of the “Chanchitha” karmas produce effects by giving the body that is thereafter taken (by the Soul) and the pleasures and sorrows that are experienced through that body they (the matured karmas) are called by the name “Praaraptham”.”Thirothaayi”

It is “Sivasakthi” (Power of Shiva) which activates and makes mature the three malams called “Aanavam”, Karma, and Maya. “Thirothaayi” is referred to as a “Malam” as a matter of courtesy because it activates “Malam”. (“Malam” = impurity; and impurity binds the Soul).

6) Guru

The word ‘Guru’ is a Sanskrit word. ‘Gu’ means “darkness”, ‘ru’ means “removal”. So the word ‘Guru’ means the one who illumines the intelligence and removes ignorance that is obstructing the full development ol his pupils. The word ‘Guru’ also has another meaning ‘Gu’ means, “not limited by attributes” and ‘ru’ means, “not affected by appearances”. So the Guru is one who is free from prejudice and treats all pupils with equal love.

There are eight types of Gurus

(1) The BODHA GURU – Who explains the rules and regulations given in the Shastras.

2) The VEDA GURU – Who directs the Minds of his disciples (Shishyas) towards God.

(3) The PRITA GURU – Who removes doubts and purifies the Mind and heart.


(4) The NISHIDDHA GURU – Who teaches how to discharge certain duties.

(5) The KAAMYA GURU – Who teaches the performance of good deeds.

(6) The SUCHAKA GURU – Who teaches six types of yoga.

(7) The VAKSHAKA GURU — Who teaches the principles of yoga.

(8) The KARANA GURU — Who is able to confer to ability to merge into the Eternal Absolute (Brahma). Who can effect transformation of the human into divinity.

Guru Gita82 classifies Gurus under seven heads calling them:

Suchaka is the ordinary school master who gives secular teachings – the three ‘R’s and arts.

Vachaka is one who imparts ethical teachings, dharma sastra,

Bhodaka is one who teaches mantras for various purposes – secular or other, and stops with that.

Nishiddha is one who teaches mantras and other methods for achieving lower purposes just as marana, vasikarana, sthambana and akarshana. These are almost invariably used to achieve low earthly objects and are hindrances to one’s achievement of the spiritual goal. It is a danger for one to get under a Nishiddha Guru.

Vihita is one who teaches Virakti or detachment, that frees one from attachement to earthly things and prepares one for achieving one’s spiritual welfare. Vairagya or dispassion is the sine qua non for progress just as its opposite, namely, extreme attachment to kamini and kanchana, is a powerful barrier to all progress.

Karana instructs the sishya as to the import of the Mahavakyas the axioms or axles of the Upanishads. After securing thorough vairagya one is ready to get at least an


intellectual grasp and then a realisation of the grand basis of all mukti. Mukti is the realisation of the real Nature of oneself and of Atma, that is Paramatma; and the mahavakyas embody that truth. Thus the teacher of this basis of salvation, is the cause, Karana for salvation and therefore the Karana Guru.

Parama Guru, The last and the greatest of all, who enables the sishya to thoroughly absorb the truth of the Mahavakyas and to realize for himself the Mahavakyas and thus escape samsara or rebirth, is the Parama Guru. He is also called the Moksha Guru. Others are mere Gurus.

7) Idakala and Pingala

Ida is the left channel. Ida is white, feminine, cold, represents the moon and is associated with the river Ganga (Ganges). Originating in Muladhara, Ida ends up in the left nostril. Pingala is the right channel. Pingala is red, masculine, hot, represents the sun and is associated with the river Yamuna. Originating in Muladhara, Pingala ends up in the right nostril.

8) Sushumna

Sushumna is the central channel and is associated with the river Saraswati. Within the Sushumna nadi there are three more subtle channels: Vajra, Chitrini and Brahma nadi through which Kundalini moves upwards running up the body from just below Muladhara chakra to Sahasrara chakra at the crown of the head.

9) Amritha /Ambrosia

Amrit – is a Sanskrit word that literally means “immortality”, and is often referred to in texts as nectar.

In Yogic philosophy amrit is a fluid that can flow from the pituitary gland down the throat in deep states of meditation. It is considered quite a boon. Some Yogic texts say that one drop is enough to conquer death and achieve immortality.

10) Body and Soul

Annamaya Kosam is our Gross Body (Sthula Sariram).

‘Annam’ means food and ‘maya’ means modifications.


The body is the result of modification of food and hence called ‘Annamaya’. The food eaten is digested. Its very essence becomes the sperm in man and the ovum in woman. They combine to form the seed, from which the foetus is formed. It is nourished in the womb by the food eaten by the mother. At birth, the child emerges from the womb and is nourished by the mother’s milk. It grows up and develops in strength and size due to the food eaten. We consume mountains of food in our lifetime. Finally, we die to merge into food (Earth). The earth itself becomes the food we eat. So, we are born from food (earth) and go back to food (earth). Food is that which is eaten by beings and which eats beings.

We eat food and food in turn eats us. Many die by over eating. Many die by under eating. Also the body gets eaten by many viruses and bacteria, even while we are alive; and by worms and other beings when we die.Identifying with the Annamaya Kosa, I say-”I am tall, fair,vaisya, healthy, beautiful, strong etc.”

Sukshma body:

The astral or Sukshma body is within the gross or physical body. The gross body cannot do anything without the astral body. Every gross centre of the body has its astral centre or Sukshma body is within the gross or physical body. From the fourth ventricle it runs along the third, then the fifth ventricle The subtle body- Sukshma sarira or Sukshma sharira in Vedantic philosophy.

11) 8.4 million Living beings

In the Padma Purana the 8.4 million species of life are divided into six groups, namely acquatics, trees, insects, birds, animals and humans. There are nine hundred thousand (9 lakh) types of acquatics, two million (20 lakh) types of trees, 1.1 million types of insects, a million types of birds, three million types of animal bodies and four hundred thousand types of human bodies. These aggregate to 8.4 million.


12) Para and Apara

The Vedas provide two kinds of knowledge – para and apara. Apara vidya consists of knowledge which leads to material prosperity, but para vidya leads one to moksha or liberation. Para vidya consists of the right knowledge of God and the means of reaching Him. Certainly, para vidya is superior to apara vidya. This para vidya of the Vedas is contained in the heart of the Vedas, the Upanishads

13) Saiva Siddhanta

Saiva Siththaantham in Tamil is the philosophy of Saiva religion which considers Lord Siva as its primary deity. Siddhanta means the final conclusion (reached after taking into consideration all other important views). It is the popular philosophical system of the Tamils of South India, based on Saiva Agamas, Upanishds, ancient Tamil works, Thirumurais and Meykanda Sastra works.

14) Vedanta

Vedanta is a dominant Indian philosophical system. There are three influential Vedanta schools. They are Advaita Vedanta of Sankara, Visishdatvaita Vedanta of Ramanujar, and Dvaita Vedanta of Madvar. Generally, Vedanta, in modern days, refers to Sankarar’s Vedanta. According to this system, and even Visishdatvaita, God or Brahmam is the only reality. Soul is one and it broke away from Brahmam..


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