obesity – easy treatment

Today morning I was seeing the medical program about obesity in vijay tv. When I saw that program , I was very surprised about world general knowledge about the Obesity and its effects and it’s treatment. If we are in ignorance, they snatches our money in the name of treatment.

Obesity, physical health, mental peace, birth and death everything is based on our breath. Breathing air movement is based on thoughts of mind.

To resolve this, we have to chant as “om agsthisaya nama” for 10 minutes at every morning, evening or whenever we think

benefits of chanting

Better and neutralized breathing,
Diet control in mind and practice,
No body fat,
Affection comes
Peace of mind and situations for that
Blossom of the Special knowledge,
Best Doctors intro,
thinking of Spending money for fortune instead of medical expenses.

Follow the easy way to live the healthy life without any rituals and restriction.

share this if you understand this by gods grace

I have posted this to get my gurunathar’s blessing
DJayarajan Dheena

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